Birds Gotta Fly!

Birds have a unique characteristic:
they want to stay as far away from themselves as possible.

The amenities aboard the space ship are being constantly upgraded by virtue of men singing folk songs ‘bout ramblin’ (that along with their whinin’).  What makes the forced flight to no-one-knows-where tolerable, is staying in your seat, while continually criticizing everything possible about the trip, and having bird dreams of other times and other places.

A small number of passengers cannot get lions out of their minds. They picture them just lying there; doin’ nuthin’ but lioning.  Them not imagining that they are birds and not subject to being made to believe that they should be.  What kinda dumb animals are they anyway?  How do they ever expect to get ahead with that kinda attitude?

It’s not just the passengers; birds too are quite taken with lions.  The birds are hip to what’s really-going-on, but they don’t have any songs in their repertoire to express the situation. (There are however, a small number of birds on board the space ship who secretly struggle with this condition.)

Animals who have a home stay home; those who do not, travel.  They sing folk songs; they chase clouds; they invent printing, and prosper.


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