Chase Those Clouds!

Everyone loves the birds up in the sky – ‘cause they love excitement!  They love to go new places, hear new songs, plus, birds can be hypnotized.  (Damn that’s weird! Man! that’s sad.)

If you are ever going to get-anywhere-in-life, and amount-to-anything-among-your-peers, you gotta be active!  You gotta keep on the move!  (Sing them folk songs!  Chase those clouds!)

Men have feet of lions, and heads of parrots. 
Only men get-anywhere-in-life, and
only humans ever amount-to-anything.

A few people are fascinated by the big cats, ‘cause when they’re just lying out there in the grass, doin’ nuthin’, there’s nuthin’ else they WANNA be doin’!  It is impossible to get a lion worked up over an important upcoming election.  What’s wrong with them?  Are they unpatriotic?  Are they in a coma?  Don’t they have any awareness of the seriousness of the times?

A few humans are totally taken with the lion’s attitude.  He hunts when he’s hungry; mates when he’s so moved.  The rest of the time – he just lays there.  What the hell kinda life is that?!
Who the hell does he think he is – enlightened


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