Jan Cox was an American secular mystic, a teacher in the spiritual and philosophical sense of the word. This website is being built by people who were present when Jan began his decades of teaching—people who received the tidal wave of talks, maps, and tasks that Jan directed their way.

Consider Jan’s talks in these terms: There is a primary reality in which humans physically exist, and a secondary reality, which is solely the product of their mental activity. 

“If one of your second reality pleasures is conspiracy theories, consider this one:  that life conspires to make man—collectively—participate in his own evolution via always thinking about things not as they are, but as they could be.” Jan Cox

The subject here is the mind, “you,” the process called “consciousness,” and how it works. Consider that everything you have always accepted as “life” and “you” is not what you presently perceive it to be. You could view the activity that Jan outlines as the removal of barriers to sight, so as to produce an ability he called, “the Direct Perception of Reality.”
 In other words, relax, you are not what you think.

“The intrinsic and ignored power of ideas is in the fact that, once they have made up a new notion, they can immediately ignore the fact that they just made it up.” Jan Cox

Dive right in!  On this website, you will encounter Jan’s words with very little interpretation or explanation. We trust that the value of this approach will soon become apparent. Our primary effort has been to archive and make available all of his talks. Some are on video, while others are available in audio only. All are numbered in chronological order from 0001 to 3367.

“There is a fine line separating everything from everything else; so fine, in fact, that it exists only in man’s mind.” Jan Cox


  • “Introductory Talks” – The introductory talks begin here with 0315.1 (click the play button to hear the audio).
  • Each talk has its own page which may be accessed by entering the number of the talk in the “SEARCH” box, above.
  • Alternatively, you may directly access many of the talks by clicking “THE TALKS” here. The page for each talk may contain links to a variety of supplemental materials, including what Jan called “maps.” (It is important to understand that these guides or suggestions are “maps,” and, according to Jan, a map is something you throw away once you get to where you are going.)
  • The “SEARCH” box can be used to access material other than the talks in a variety of ways. For example, you may enter single words such as “habit” or “truth,” or a short phrase such as “Real Revolutionist.”
  • In addition to the talks, Jan wrote several thousand collections of pithy sayings known as “Kyroots” (sometimes referred to as “News Items”) attached to particular Talk pages. Jan also wrote a blog called “The Daily News,” which continues on this site. Searching for a topic may bring you to one of those collections.
  • The tabs at the top of this page include Jan’s Books,” which are available for purchase, the “Abouts,” which cover some background, Evoteck,” which provides information about our former experimental theater, and other Links.

“What if words prepare for new neural energy, and use it to prepare man for his future?” 
Jan Cox

CURATIONS are collections of talks assembled by some of Jan’s students on particular topics of interest to them. Click on one of the sample links below to reach that curated series.

The Crash Course” – Another introductory series, comprising three talks, beginning with 2524, Separating from the Script

4-D Science” – Jan bends ordinary laws of science into 4th Dimensional versions.

The Whisper Talks” – The last 260 talks, by which time Jan had lost the ability to speak above a whisper. Edited transcripts are being prepared to accompany each of these talks, should you find the audio too distracting. Some transcripts have already been posted. They begin at 3108, Battling Narratives

“Thought’s use is to help understand thought–after that it’s useless.” Jan Cox

PODCASTS can be accessed through your favorite podcatcher. Search for “Jan Cox,” and you should see “Jan Cox Talks 2500 – 2599.” Those are the only talks currently available as podcasts.

“Life not only interfaces with man, ‘where it does,’ but also where he thinks it does. Man is the area where life’s action and thinking of action overlap.” Jan Cox

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