Jan Cox Talk 3108

Struggle of the Fittest: Narrative Vs Narrative


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Notes by TK

There is diversity among species per Life’s dictates for its evolution. Why is there diversity/conflict among narratives? Life pits narratives against one another to achieve a fittest one, one best for its growth. Narratives have a cohesive effect; people have no choice but to identify with their culture per the narrative.

Life seems to be in competition with itself, trying out any number of cultures as though it is unsure of what is right for it. Man too is in conflict with himself, in his brain: ‘of two minds’ in the same way in microcosm. (53:30) #3108

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Genuinely Off-Trail Inner Trekker’s Guide
February 13, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

While listening to reporters deliver the news on television,
or watching an actor’s dramatic performance, one man thought:
“Anyone can sound intelligent if they’re reading a script somebody else
wrote for them” — then suddenly thought about his own mind in this regard,
and for an instant had the willie-shivers.

Although not a professional comedy writer,
one man could make up jokes as fast as he could think —
just by thinking of some ordinary statement he’d heard someone express.
After you’ve seen Shangri La head-on — everything looks like Shangri La.
(Okay: aka: Once you realize what’s going on — everything’s funny,
[well at least mildly amusing.])

In recognition of how mind works:
on his web page, one man has put a link to his web page.

One man thought: “The worse thing about dying when you’re elderly
rather than when you’re a new born is that you’re aware that you are,”
he mulled that over for a moment, then thought: “No, it’s the other way around,”
(though for the life of him, he couldn’t fathom why he thought so).
Moral. Sometimes it doesn’t matter why.
(Okay: Never.)

One man finally decided that it’s not really all that bad: living with one foot on fire.

Says one man:
“Except for your mama: everyone who’s nice to you wants something from you,”
and after having said it, thought to himself:
“This has got to also have its reflection in the operations of my own mind.”

Often, whenever he’d gone an hour or so without mentally beating up on himself,
one man’s consciousness would coo to him: “Why you silver tongued devil you!”

What’s not said in the certain man — is what is of greatest value.

When the city part of one man’s mind heard the challenge regarding a particular
matter or product: “Examine the evidence and judge for yourself,” its reaction was: “Why should I do all the work!”

One man nicknamed all his innards (with which he was in conscious contact):
“We’re In A Running Battle.”

One man says: “My opinion is that there is only one type of actual congratulations,
and that is: self congratulations,”
and thereupon saying, slapped himself on the back, muttering:
“Well done old chap — well done indeed.”
(In one city, irony can’t go above 42nd Street.)

One man would do almost anything to keep from hearing advertisements
or solicitations of any kind
(although he didn’t let anyone know it……..including his self.)

One man prefaces certain things he is about to say to his overall self with the words: “You probably wonder why I’m telling you this…..” —
which indeed, one particular part of his mind certainly did.

Look in men’s eyes as they relate episodes from their lives; the reason they so enjoy telling stories from their past is because often in hearing them, they feel more there in the related event than they were at the time that it actually occurred.

The less you understand — the more you want to be remembered.

At every city conclusion, one man would announce:
“I want to leave you with this thought: Who the hell do you think you are!”

Some News In Tabloidian Terms.
There is only one scandal possible in the life of a man working to awaken.

Though it is never mentioned in their civic boosterism literature: everything in the city is conducive to both death & density.

Ordinary people are excited by events — the certain man by understanding.

Follow-Up Story.
Everything that exists in the city (that is: man’s mental-only, cultural world)
can be seen as: a challenge!
(Pitiful what civilians must take as such.)

One man thinks of the mental meals his and everyone else’s city mind serves up as: Tackyburgers.

The less civilized a people, the closer will be the cultural phenomena of
religion and politics — and the physical ones of hormones and neurons.

In his policing of his mental city, one man keeps the message alive on the streets: “More arrests are promised.”

Pseudo Fact.
You would learn more about man studying bacteriology than you will psychology.
(“God — I hope it’s pseudo!” Oh, you old silly.)

Okay: Serious Fact.
The less stressed you are the healthier you will be,
and the less dense you are the less stressed you will be.
“Pa pa: is there anything to truly dread in life?”
“That all depends on how normally you are wired.”
“So — there is nothing you can do about your attitude toward life?”
“Call an electrician maybe.”

There is placed in a secret pocket in everyone’s brain,
the unlisted phone number of a re-modeler.

You can tell that a war is lost when one party begins making relentless references to their alleged, glorious past.
“So that’s why men are driven to tell stories from their lives.”

“Pa pa: what’s the most insightful thing you’ve ever heard from ordinary humans?”
“The notion (concerning a variety of subjects) that:
‘If you have to have it explained — you’ll never understand it.’”