This section of our site is more personalized, providing a place for some of Jan’s students to share specific suggestions as to which information here might be most accessible or intriguing–simply because they found certain talks and topics particularly accessible or intriguing to them. The material won’t be interpreted, but may be described in a way someone received a taste of the scope and topics Jan verbally danced with that evening.

Some curations follow the larger themes Jan presented, such as 4D science, the Real Revolution, line-level consciousness, the Partnership within the mind, or the triadic nature of Life.  Others may present more subtle side topics such as, “the only sin is inappropriate repetition,” or, “any idea one does not like, is not understood.”

There is no distinct path to take into this world of concepts and experience. If a serious potential student showed up on his doorstep, Jan would usually recommend reading and listening to as much material as possible. He did do introductory talks occasionally, and some are presented in the “Paradigm” curation.  Plow ahead. One caution, don’t get stuck on anything in particular. You’ve got too much particular as it is.  Just–Enjoy. 

Paradigm II

The Crash Course

Another introductory series, comprising three talks, beginning with 2524–
Separating from  the Script.

4D Science

Derek’s Picks for Newcomers

The Whisper Talks

The last 260 talks, by which time, Jan had lost the ability to speak above a whisper. Edited transcripts are being prepared to accompany each of these talks, should the audio be too distracting. Some transcripts have already been posted. They begin at 3108,  Battling Narratives.

Dana’s “Anything the Mind Says”

Fran’s Curations

Spanish Translations

Reticular Formation