The Torque Method

The resiliency of stupidity, (a synonym for, “mind’), is astonishing.  The “non-understanding” that the mind creates for itself is constructively immutable, immoveable, and can withstand all assaults, (other than self-scrutiny and waking-up-from-the-daze).
One man says: “I only know one thing for certain, and that is, I do not know who I am…and maybe will never know…but maybe will eventually come to accept that this is how things are…maybe.”  (What this gentlemen’s comments exemplify, is the little used, Maybe-Method of finally learning to see.)
To be a person with only an ordinary sense of intellectual architecture, is to continually have the scintillating experience of being near potentially new mental construction sites, while constantly breaking-old-ground.

Try THE TORQUE METHOD, of continually ratcheting the thing up tighter so it doesn’t slip back, (this being based on the, everything-is-way-too-loose-to-get-the-job-done view).  SO, do the tighten-up baby, and dance your tenseness away – or, Hey Archie!  As always, you can also reach the same place via the totally-loosened-up approach. 

 “Daddy, can I ride the carousel?
 “No need my child, just climb on Daddy.”

Ladies’ choice – everybody skate!
All you gotta do is just – climb on daddy.


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To Fix or Not to Fix

The younger eyes/I’s in the talking part of man’s brain are the source of man’s view of life, and their concern for the disreputable conditions they perceive all around them are the fountainhead of all human progress.  A specific point of fact is technological progress, (in that no such creature as progress exists in the arts – only in the sciences – new schools of painting do not improve man’s health; new developments in medicine do).

The mind’s inborn perspective of many things being in need of fixing, is also the engine behind charity, the doctrines of religions, and the continuing interest that a few men have in shifting the primary observation post in their brain from where it naturally stands, to someplace else:

                        Waking Up; becoming Enlightened; being Liberated.

A few people, (if they ever get off the starting blocks), quickly go beyond an active interest in the things outside themselves that appear to be in need of fixing, and their attention becomes narrowed to just themselves.  In spite of the routine pressures that life applies to everyone’s head, they do not try to save the world – only themselves, and only the mental part thereof.  They attempt to fix their consciousness, their state-of-mind, their mental view of life, all of which equates to their understanding of life.

If they do not, early on, fall over into a comfy ditch, they have an unquestionable sense that what they want to fix is not the problem of them eventually dying, or that before then they will be subject to the ills and passions associated with their genetic temperament, (and also to the laws of gravity, weather, and other various cosmic constants).  It is something else.


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The Right Tool

Any repairman will tell you that the key to success in fixing things is the right tool.

To fix what the few are always working on – there is no right tool.

You can’t let that stop you,  since there ain’t nothing broke to begin with.
(Just mind’s naturally skewed vision of certain things.)

All normal members of human society consider themselves to be repairmen, and believe sincerely that part of their reason for being here is to fix things that are broken.  Certainly, no ordinary, sane person would deny that much in earthly life is in need of remedial attention; from the onset of recorded history, such has always been the standard view, and contrarily, if anyone would claim that everything in life is “perfect” as is, they would be considered deranged.

The more civilized, social, and oriented by the younger areas of the brain a person be, the deeper is the feeling of many things in life being broken, and the greater do they feel driven to make the needed repairs, (or at least, sound the constant call for same).


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Fatally Flawed Diagnoses

On one world, the ruling class consisted of brilliant analysts who could diagnosis anything -anything but themselves.  Surprisingly, in spite of their brilliance they did not recognize this shortcoming, and in fact kept up a running farce of presenting proclaimed, objective self-diagnoses.  In that they were the planet’s supreme authority, there was no voice they found creditable to draw their attention to this flaw.

Exempting this noted blind spot, their ability to determine the structure, purpose, and relationships of things was superb.  Equally so was their diagnostic skill in identifying and solving, “problems” in their lives.

So it was not without reason that their talents impressed even themselves – which led them, (being creatures given naturally to analysis), to eventually turn their inquiring eye to the matter of this faculty so imposing and singular to them.  And within the confines of the situation as described, there is no one to objectively say that they did not give it their best effort…and yet,  they failed miserably – nay – doubly so, for from an outsider’s view not only did they not reach their intended goal, but they also seemed oblivious to the fact. 

Amongst themselves, as they carried on continuing experiments, and compiled the resulting data, they spoke endlessly of the great progress they were making in the diagnosis of their own analytic capacity. They saw not the reality of what was occurring.

They had ever expanding libraries of theories, anecdotes, speculations, and statistics concerning the subject, all of which they accepted, to varying degrees, and under sundry conditions, as being reasonably indicative of the essential nature of this formidable ability, vouchsafed in them. But all of their conclusions about this unique talent of theirs were fatally flawed, and never realized to be so. 


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No Pressure

No man has two heads  — everybody has but one, but everybody does have one head that is under special-pressure, and the realization and understanding of this is the release of the annoying pressure…which somebody somewhere once called…uhhh?…uhhh?, oh yeah, yeah enlightenment.

Everything that bothers and confuses you about life, yourself and other people is due to the special-pressure present and natural to all men.  It plays an observably important role in the wellbeing of the human herd, but a solitary cow, here-and-there, shaking off the pressure, is never noticed, and harms no one.

This cow then holds up his part in the compelled collective life of the herd only as minimally required, which does not – which does NOT include taking the herd’s life seriously.

The life of the human herd that is unique to man is fueled entirely by the special-pressure to which a wised-up-person no longer pays any attention.


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Graduation Day

Even though This be neither creature, thing. non creature, nor non thing, it yet certainly is some thing, or we would not be here doing what we do.

But just what is it? 
That is not only “THE question” –
it also is, THE answer.

There was once a king who had a foe, with whom, each day, he did battle.  Endlessly did they meet in combat; the full forces of both brought to bear, and while it never seemed to the king that he had truly triumphed, neither did he ever feel totally defeated; thus the result of each day’s conflict was never satisfying.

Year after year did this inconclusive face off transpire, ‘til one day the king suddenly realized the problem: he had been calling his opponent by the wrong name.

No matter how long you have been here, as soon as you suddenly understand this – you’ve just graduated.


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Even here in our authentic school, we too are faced with trainees already holding, in their minds, different names for the creature with which they must contend, and eventually know by its true name.

So, we select one of the many names already in circulation, and employ it simply as a useful, temporary compromise, (a fact that trainees cannot yet appreciate). They accept the name we provide for the creature as being its ultimate one – but since it is not, the problem of its being misnamed is not solved – only postponed.

The name by which we here refer to the creature is not objectively “incorrect” any more than would be any other we could have chosen.  The primary purpose of words is for efficiency:  efficiency in all things, from basic survival activities, wherein one man can tell another about a more efficient way he has found to grow a certain crop, without the second man having to go through that particular discovery process, physically for himself; to the apparently opposite extreme wherein one person, via words, tells others of his alleged discovery in an incorporeal realm.  Since they have had no such experience, he offers to share with them, (e.g., “I talked to god, and here is what he said he wants you to do…”)

Man could not change his physical environment to better suit him in any way as efficiently as he does now, were it not for his ability to put made-up names on things which everyone then agrees to, for the sake of expediency and practicality.  However, the putting of names on things that themselves are “made-up” presents its own unique cuteness, (a feature that few men ever come to appreciate).

The purpose of our school is to turn those involved into trainers of a certain, “creature.”  The word itself is yet one more mental expediency, and unavoidable misdirection.


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Exerpt from an Unpublished Training Manual (Used at an Unpublisized Training Academy)

The one, most crucial lesson every would-be trainer must learn is: 
If a creature is not responding to your directions, you’re calling it by the wrong name.

Many a trainee has washed out because of the frustration brought on by their persistence in this error, and if, after hearing it once mentioned you think it is a problem easily cured, you too will err.

All who come here have already adopted some name, that they have heard previously given to the creature with whom we work.  For the sake of expediency, we initially do not herein interfere, but allow them to think in such terms.

After all, to work with anything, it must be called something, and in the beginning, no one is equipped to handle the creature’s real name.

Thus it is that in the sundry, unauthorized imitation branches of our operation spread throughout the world, you hear the object of our training called by many different names – but in the end, it is all the same.  (But sad to say, few of the trainees ever progress far enough to discover this for themselves.)


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There is No Point

The mental reality in which man lives, a major part of his life, is a necessity for the life he presently lives.  When he talks about this world, he is obliged to do so in a manner that treats it as having real substance, on par with, (and in some instances, superior to), physical reality.   As is easily noted by those so interested, men do not ordinarily make any acknowledgement of this verbal pretense in which, by necessity, they endlessly participate.


They spend the far greatest part of their speaking lives engaged in talking seriously about matters that are clearly irrelevant to them personally at best, and ridiculous to all concerned at worst.  They are compelled to do so with a straight face, while never letting on at all that the older, more survival-hip, non-verbal areas of their brain know another reality entirely.

People who somehow manage the unnatural feat of shifting the day-to-day core of their verbal based consciousness closer to these other areas, experience a sudden perspective of life, and themselves that is so extraordinary and explanatory as to be described in quite surprising terms, such as calling it:  “Awakening from an unrealized sleep.”  

If we lived on a planet with different atmospheric conditions, 
man could avail himself of the, 
whereby you continually interrupt whatever the mind is saying, and tell it: 

…And by the time it finally realizes that there IS no point –
it’s too late; you’re awake. 


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A sign that you are normal and confused is that you have something to say about everything, yet most of what the mind has to say has no point and never goes anywhere. 

Although it may not be said in such words, at the heart of men’s non-physical complaints with one another is the fact that once a speaker has established the subject, he never seems to get-to-the-point; his conversation never goes-anywhere

While the talking part of man’s brain can certainly hold its attention on specific matters with known goals, in the physical realm, (medical research at the cellular level), when it comes to the intangibles that fill up most of men’s conversations, (“Me; what I think: what I like; what I dislike: who I agree with,” and so on), there is no such certainty of purpose.  The conversations just ARE; there is no aim to the verbal activity other than the action of the activity itself. (Collectively it does serve the specific purpose of acting as a social adhesive, but our instant interest is on the individual.)


Men apparently find fault with other men’s words and ideas on the basis of their content, but their criticism is based on something more fundamental, and normally unnoticed, (or at least, un-commented on).  The fact that what men’s minds say, never goes-anywhere; never gets-to-the-point, (whatever, (god knows), that might be??), and amidst it, no mind to what ordinarily makes note of the quite clear fact that there is no clear object to what is being said, other than for the object of saying it. 

Before your own so-called thoughts leap to a premature concussion, note that as always, herein is naught amiss, in that when you talk about things that have no reality, there can be no point to what you’re talking about.  Well….except for the, (god forbid), obvious; that what is being talked about actually doesn’t exist. 


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