A Point To Life

Only the simple believe that men argue and fight about ideas.  Men argue and fight about genes. Men do not want enlightenment because they feel unenlightened, but because they feel irritable. That’s why simple seekers will give up rich foods, alcohol, hard labor and the riotous life in the name of gaining enlightenment…which is not their actual aim.  What they really want is simply to feel better.

Anyone who seeks the Understanding, for any reason other than the mental pleasure it brings, is a fool.  Everyone who seeks the Understanding starts out with entirely different reasons.

Query Revisited:

If trying to do This doesn’t give you pleasure – why do it?!  Anyone who expects there is more to life than is physically apparent, is a fool in a handcart – but, he who still does not LOOK, misses the most fun of being human.  The closest thing there is to, “a-point-to-life,” is discovering the territory and meeting the natives where the idea of life having a point originates.

 Mind in man is a wandering lighthouse –
searching for the source of the light.

Had we grown up in a different universe, every name Adam tried to give to a thing would have been met by objection, (for instance): 
Adam said: “That is a, ‘cat,’” and god would have said: “No it’s not,”
and when he pointed and said: “That is, ‘up,’” god would have said: “No it’s not,”
and when he said: “All right: that over there is ‘fallacy,’” god would have said: “No it’s not,”
and when Adam said: “Okay: this stuff all around us is the, ‘environment,’” god would have said: “No it’s not,”
until Adam finally would have said: “So why did you tell me to name everything if you are then going to tell me that every name I apply to something is not the right one?  I don’t get the point?” And finally god would have grinned, and said: “Now you’ve got it!”


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As regards having-the-permanent-understanding, when one man was accused of being a mere poseur, he mused, “Hell, I’m not even at that level.”

Another day with its own name; a month of days, exclusively identified; a year of months, boasting its own private number.  What a universe we live in!  What a universe lives in us! All filled with words…and numbers…and words…and numbers…and words…and words, and words.

Can you just imagine how much we must be envied by black holes, brown dwarfs, novas,  and especially all the neurons who went to all the trouble to fabricate the “self” in you that seems to be reading these words, and who now is the only one who ever gets any credit for any of this. 

Hey, it’s Good-d-d-d-dto be King…even if the title is concocted.  But, anyway, here are fresh updates for consideration by your over-the-hill, pretender-to-the-throne, royal noggin:


Certain men feel they have been kidnapped, and are being held for ransom.  Two small problems: they do not know who has kidnapped them, and they are not clear on what is being demanded for their release.  Oh, one more thing: they are not even positive who it is that has been snatched, (but they still feel vaguely certain that some sort of crime has taken place, and that they are somehow involved).


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The Source of the Agitation

The way of profit is not the study of what’s buggin’ you, 
but of what it is in you that’s being bugged. 

You begin by searching for the source of the agitation,
and end up trying to locate who it is who is aware of the agitation.            
If you do not grasp why an investigator cannot investigate himself,
ask yourself this: can your body go off in search of itself?

A man said: “I believe only one thing to be true; that which a wise man told me, which is that, ‘Nothing is true.’ That is the only thing I now believe to be true.”  But he still doesn’t get it; he still doesn’t know what is true, and he still doesn’t get it.

And in conclusion, we take note of yet another strange mystery in our files:
      The Curious Case That Could Only Be Solved By Abandoning It.
 …(keep your de-coder rings set on Ready, little rangers).


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Everything Man Can Think

The first kinds of things can be entertaining, but are finally frustrating.  The second thing of asking yourself: “Who is it asking yourself,” “Who is it asking yourself this question,” opens out into infinity – into the truth about everything man can think about.

Beyond what seeing-this-question-through will do – there is nothing.  Beyond what finally understanding what this question means – there is nothing else to understanding. When you know who is asking the question – you know it all…(check mate).

Now some additional stories totally unrelated to the above,,, (our humor for the day): 

If you take ideas to be real,
you wander into a mine. 
If you take ideas to be about
anything other than other ideas,
you’re in a mine with a hood over your head.

Not only is it the ordinary who survive ordinary affairs, it is also the fairly ordinary who see the extraordinary matter through.  Be just a regular person with an irregular interest.

A detective always-on-the-move 
will never solve the case,

nor a dog with runny eyes 
ever get his inheritance.


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Man Found Laying in Bed

Our lead story for this Tuesday is all of “late breaking,” ancient, and timeless, at least for readers with that certain, highly-specialized, “I’m-still-not-quite-sure-what-it-is” interest.
If you really want to get-to-the-bottom-of-everything, and know the truth about life, you don’t have to leave home to join some exotic organization on the other side of the world, and meditate ten hours a day.  Use what you’ve got now; don’t waste your mornings.  As soon as you wake up, keep laying there and juggle this one thought:  “Who IS it laying here thinking?” “Who is it laying here thinking this?”

You do not have to study the ten-thousand-ancient-manuscripts, nor follow the directions of some present teacher. You don’t have to give up meat, movies, or sex, or change your life in any way, other than as your own subsequent understanding may suggest.

BUT – the kinds of things just noted that you do not have to do, to get the knowledge, are the very kinds of things that people are quite willing to do in such an attempt.  It seems that the more physically specific be the demands – the greater is the attraction. (It’s just the way people are.)

AND – the kind of thing just noted about laying in bed, caressing the one thought: “Who IS it laying here having the thought?” “Who is it laying here having this thought,” is precisely the kind of thing that seriously spooks people’s minds, and shakes the foundations of their sense of a self.


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A London Night with a Paris Forecast

Consciousness is everything – except when known – then it is fog on a London night; with feeling always the Paris forecast.  You think you live where you’re conscious, but you live where you feel. Phew! What a day! To be in the sun, and then for this to happen…wait, another one is upon us.

Those who say they KNOW – do not know, and those who know more than one thing – do not know, for there is only one thing that can be known – only one thing to know; to know everything. 

Reading one book takes you one step from knowing;
reading two, takes you two steps away,
and listening to three lectures about knowing
moves you three days from the goal,
and entertaining your own thoughts on the matter
positions you a lifetime away from knowing.

You cannot know, and say that you do; you cannot know and even think about your knowing; these facts alone – pursued to exhaustion – would lead to knowing. Those who say they want to know, and who do not take such a course, whistle down a neural road to a roundhouse.

Those who KNOW…know “knowing”; 
there is nothing else to know. 


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Consciousness is Everything

Okay, here they come:

Consciousness is everything;
conscious IS man.
You are what you think;
you think what you think;
you feel what you feel,
and you also think what you feel.
Feeling is everything;
facts from an angry man are bile;
directions from fearful man are uncertain;
opinions from a porcupine are prickly.

Consciousness is everything; consciousness is whatever temperament is.
Temperament is genes; you are your genes; your consciousness is a child of an X-Y-tango; the temperature of your thought patterns trace your DNA’s dance steps. When you’re hot, your ideas soar, and when you’re chilled, conception shrivels.

Those who KNOW – know thought;
those who KNOW – know feeling;
those who KNOW – know about temperament,
and those who KNOW – know it is their genes
which know.

Knowing is voltage; knowing is hormones; a little potassium, a little sodium, all the same as consciousness – same as feeling, same as looking at a porthole on a rocking ship, and thinking a moving horizon.

An angry man gets THE UNDERSTANDING angrily, and a timid man gets it timidly; those with tall cells accept tall guests, and those with short ones take in their own kind. The squinty-eyed see squintily; the squinty-eyed’s temperament is constricted, and their cellular sight also sees appropriately.


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What A Day!

People ask me, they say: “Hubert, is spending your life trying to GET THE UNDERSTANDING,a ‘serious’ thing, or not a serious thing?”
And I say to them:  “Do you consider cancer serious?”
And when they say, “Yes,” then I say: “Do you consider you not having, THE UNDERSTANDING serious?”
And when they say, “Yes,” then I say: “Do you figure that what goes on in your mind now is what keeps you from THE UNDERSTANDING?”
And if they say, “Yes,” to this, then I tell them about the specialized diagnosis of thoughts being a viral infection of the brain, and if they pass out from hearing this, I revive ‘em, and Bingo –they’ve got it.

It’s Saturday here at the Mayo-PaNaze Clinic, where a gaggle of the world’s better known, better self-promoted experts in the subject of: “How To Seem To Yourself That You Might Be More Consciously Knowledgeable By Reading –  By Buying My Book Than You Were Before…Though Never As Conscious As ME,” will be presenting a day long series of lectures.
We are assured that each speaker’s comments will be: hard-hitting, eye-opening, insulting to the other speakers, and in all other ways Unbelievable, Marvelous, and mentally Breath-taking! It is nice that you decided to join us here today. (Although little exertion is required…in that  it will all be taking place inside your mind.)


What a day! What a game! What a sport!

Do you take sports seriously?
Do you take neuro-juices seriously?
Do you take emotional memories to be bacteria, and do you wash your mind after shaking mental hands with the contaminated, (which is to say), with the uninvited thoughts trampling thru your brain?

What a day!
The schedule says that in one room will be lectures that are formatted; with a stated, and logically pursued topic, while in another room will be free form commentaries in a less structured form.  Oh, and out by the pool they are expecting the world’s foremost expert in all of this whose name, appearance, and subject matter is not known.  So it’s gonna be like every-man-for-himself to try and recognize him when and if he shows up.  (You haven’t already forgotten that I told you this will all being taking place inside YOUR mind, have you?)


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The Understanding

To those who don’t know, life is like a jigsaw puzzle that won’t go together right.  To those with THE UNDERSTANDING, life is not like anything except what it is.


Truism Update: 
“No man is an island – every man, a herd.
No man a cow – every man a collection of cows;
a collection of cows will decimate an island.”
Suggestion: de-collect yourself. 


The body has many nerves; many cells; many feelings, and many hungers.
Question: If a single tree falls in a forest, and too many are there to hear it, how will the multitude ever come to any agreement as to the actual sound it made?

It is not uncommon
for those who do not yet KNOW,
to want to be alone;
those who do know –
have no choice.

There is only one way to get THE UNDERSTANDING, and if you do not presently have it, then whatever you are doing to get it, must not be it – huh?


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The House

One man pondered:  “No one is IN CHARGE of a herd; it is in charge of itself.  I realize that in rational, mental, mortal terms this cannot be so – but how else to explain it? The herd undeniably seems to have a singular life of its own; a collection of many different, individual cows, yet, seen as a whole, the herd itself appears to have an existence indicative of a single, living creature.”  And as he was deeply engrossed in pondering this matter, someone called his name, and he immediately turned his head toward the sound, and instantly forgot about the whole affair.

 Ships plough the seas, but do seas ever say to themselves: “Agh!  I’ve been ploughed!”  Thoughts plough your mind, but do you ever use your mind’s capacity to say to yourself:
”I am being ploughed…what else is new.”

When looking out of the windows in their house, men’s view of the world outside is determined by the activity going on inside. Most people live in a house, full of activity; always busy, always noisy.

Most of the time, most of the activity going on inside a house has no direct relevance to what is going on outside, but most of the time, most of the people in the house tell themselves that it does.  When it is cold outside, they turn up the heat inside; when temperatures rise inside, they see anger without. It all fits! 

It all, by god – fits perfectly! 
Yep, until you go outside yourself, 
and look back at the house.


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