Fretting About The Frivolous

Under the routine, everyday conditions of every ordinary man’s life, much of his thinking is taken up with worrying over the irrelevant – fretting about the frivolous.  (A matter that I call irrelevant, of course, a man with an interest therein will see contraire.)



You can tell a man who voices great concern over political ideas, that his passion is being misspent, but he will certainly not see it as so.  Same with people who have an attraction to and native interest in golf, music, fashion, religion, football, and so on.


No, what I herein highlight for the eyes of the few has nothing to do with criticism of ordinary men’s instinctive mental affinity for things in the second reality.  After all, what could be more natural, in that this world is the brain-child of man’s thoughts?



When other creatures are not engaged in life sustaining activities – they nap.  When man is not, he invents new mental pastimes, and usually puts them into some physical form – about which he can then begin to fret and worry.



When a tiger is not out hunting, he is on his back in the grass.  When a man is not out harvesting a crop, he is on his knees in a church, or on his arse in a theater, or strolling around the aisles of a bookstore.  Having a brain that produces thoughts 24/7, men do not find constantly napping between the periods of survival essential activities to be an acceptable filling of time.


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Worrying Over The Irrelevant

As opposed to, “being awake and enlightened,” (in the world of thought), being asleep and confused consists of:  worrying over the irrelevant.


I say that this is every man’s normal condition. 
I also say that everyone is aware of it, and
I further say that life forces most people to pretend otherwise.

(These daily reports are for those people who are not part of the “most people” crowd.)

For thousands of years now, a few people here and there pop up who claim that men are not routinely as conscious, alert, perceptive, and understanding as they could be.  They then generally tie themselves and their listeners into mental Gordian knots and run all concerned around in circles that would make metaphysically inclined, British wheat farmers proud, with outlandishly complex explanations for why men do not avail themselves of this possibility.


It can make interesting reading and argument fodder for those who will never do so, but that is all unnecessary.  If you will but take an instant, clear-headed, direct look at the world all around you, and the one inside your brain. you see that there is a totally, over-the-top melodrama being acted out by homo-sapiens.  It is the stage-direction-glue that binds ordinary men’s attention to a level of consciousness that is not the full representation of what it is known it can be. 


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Minds of disconnected views see life as being like this, or life being like that; life being fair, life being unfair; life being fun, life being a drag, and so on.  But there is only one thing that can be accurately said about life:  It is ALL of that, and that is the unified understanding of life.


Reality consists of everything you can think about it – including your thinking about it.  There is no way in – and no way out.  What could be fairer or simpler than that?!

P.S.  I have received much mail regarding a previous posting, and here is my response to the overall tone of concern expressed there about. 

First, remember: Nothing is true until it is true for you, but go ahead and imagine for the moment that it is true that there is nothing you can do to change what you ARE.  Then picture the tremendous amount of useless effort you would save by such a realization, and the great relief it would bring. 


(I am not saying that it is true – but,  rather than being disturbed by even the mention of the possibility, consider instead, if it were true:  What would be its totally surprising and thoroughly delicious benefits?)

The facts lurking behind Enlightenment
are never what a man expects or can imagine.


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Ordinary minds will pretend to accept the notion that a man will commit murder due to his relationship with his mother, or that one group despises another because of their religion, (and the list is endless).  The brain cells responsible for conscious thought, (and thus responsible for such disjointed spuriousness), know that no such explanations are expansive, and that they only serve to keep men’s views of things sectionalized like separate slices of a pie –  good for inventing indoor heating – terrible for mentally seeing life as it is.



Ordinary minds will pretend to believe that a passionate love affair has come apart because of the parties’ conflicting political views, or taste in movies, music, etc.  Everyone cellularly knows that sexual desire alone initiates every passionate coupling, and that only its absence will terminate it.



To open your eyes and clear your head:

Pay no attention to any view of life that has a beginning and an end, and ignore all explanations that contain the word, “because.”



No one can teach you a unified view, and none of your thoughts with which you are already familiar can help you.  First, you must look open-headedly around you and realize objectively for yourself that what is accepted by collective man as being “knowledge” is, at best, separate pieces to a puzzle, and a puzzle in fact, in which ordinary men have no real interest.



All knowledge not directly related to survival is knowledge that is a hobby – a pastime, a plaything, a way to pass the mental time.  Again: nothing amiss here, but you need to recognize the situation for what it is and thus cease choking on it.



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The Great Secret

The common mind
has no interest in itself.

What knowledge men say they have of the mind, (you will note), is as fragmented as any other intellectual/scientific area.  Yet new statistical findings and theories are being continually added, so there is the illusion of movement toward a comprehensive understanding of consciousness.


Such is not actually life’s intention via men’s creation and study of psychology and its related disciplines.  Life has arranged it so, (or else has allowed it so), that only a scant number of people have an irrepressible – almost savage –  hunger to know what being-alive-with-thoughts is all about, beyond the unsatisfying knowledge and theories commonly available.

If you argue with the fragmented – you become fragmented. If you think about what the piece-mealers say – you become piecemealed. And, as always: take everything I have said as applied solely to your mind, for it is the fragmented thoughts that life passes through your head that do the most damage in your attempt to see for yourself what is actually going on.


The desire to know “The Great Secret” 
is a thirst for coherent sight
 in a world of piece-mealers.


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A Unified View in a Fragmented World

The desire for “Enlightenment”
is a longing for a unified view,
in a world of fragmentists. 


Modern science has been accused of knowing more and more about less and less, thus presenting a body of knowledge that is increasingly fragmented into isolated areas of specialization.  The attack is misplaced in that it is the human mind that by nature operates in such a fashion and is responsible for the form in which men possess “knowledge.”


The unique talent of the mind is to conceive of tangible realities in an intangible context, and thus abstractly divide physical wholes into more mentally manageable parts.  This ability to intellectually manipulate real objects has proven most efficient for man’s actual manipulation of his physical environment to better suit his survival needs and comfort, but it has left an impotently diagnosed deficiency in his knowledge of certain non-physical matters:  matters such as the mind, and knowledge itself.


The desire to “Wake up”
is a craving for a unified knowledge of things,
in a world of fractionalists.


Men studying psychology do not really want to know the human mind, they want to know “psychology.”  There is nothing wrong with this, and at some time they likely did have an interest in the questions of consciousness, but the ordinary minds of ordinary men simply do not want to know what’s really going on in life, (which is to say) they are not actually interested in understanding the nature of thought.


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Trying To Do The Impossible

Trying to do the impossible is the name of the normal mortal game, but same is pure insanity and foolishness for a man wanting-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things.


Before you can gain a consistent view of enlightened reality you must have a plain, unprejudiced awareness of what you, by nature and temperament, ARE.  No pretending, no matter how minute, is permitted.  No brag – no anti-brag.  No nothing…nothing to say about yourself.


What of any importance is there to say about a waterfall, a mountain, an eagle?  In the physical world, everything is, simply, what it is, while in man’s mental world, (perforce), everything is how it COULD be.  This is how man’s life alone undergoes profitable change, but without a realization of thought’s true nature and position in all of this, an individual man is left hung out on a limb to never dry, and whose roots cry out forever for “Change! Change, dammit, what you ARE!”   (I regret to tell you this is not…how shall I put it…not PROBABLE.   How was that?)



A man-who-knows-what’s-going-on lives his life as it needs be led, and then gives that part of his existence no further thought.



Change, if you must, what can physically BE changed, then give up dreams regarding the rest. First thing you know – you are free of dreams, period…and thus as free as a man CAN be – period!


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The Nature of Your Nature

People with the natural affinity to the idea of, “man living in a dream, but from which he can awaken,” in one sense, suffer over this unacknowledged situation more than everyone else.
Ordinary men accept it as the norm, (as periodically frustrating as it may be), while the few are in fact, (though unwittingly), attempting a head-on assault on the very nature of – Nature.




You will never understand the reality of what “being awake or enlightened” is, as long as you are operating under the delusion that a man can change what he actually is.



You surely realize by now that you cannot change what other people are, nor can you change the nature of life itself.  In telling you that you should and CAN change what you, by genetic physiology and temperament ARE, your thoughts do you no favor.



Real strength is in acknowledging your own essential weaknesses. 
Wise strength is in recognizing the nature, and literal limits of thought, 
and the abandonment of pretending – along with everyone else – otherwise.


A vital ingredient in holding man’s mentally-based, second reality together is the pervasive belief imposed on him, via the brain’s conscious thoughts, that he is capable of unrestricted change.  He is made to pretend to believe that he can change his behavior, change his mind, and (even though never so stated), can actually change the nature of what he individually by nature IS.



Such illusions, for ordinary men, make the second reality go round, but for the few are the source of all impotent efforts to achieve a non-standard state of mind.


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What You Physically ARE

In that an alcoholic can stop his drinking when his liver reaches beach ball proportions, and a liberal can turn conservative when such is his new employer’s political bent, men’s thoughts carry this to its apparently proper conclusion, (to wit), that men can change what they essentially are by genetic temperament.


When confronted with the notion directly, everyone knows that through no act of will, or force of desire, can a man change his physiological body type, or the strength of his heart and lungs, or his genetic predisposition for certain ills, or his neural wiring.



 What you physically ARE is what you are, and no amount of thinking otherwise will ever change it, in spite of thought’s ability to pretend to forget this.



This is at the flawed heart of all complaints men have about themselves and each other; the specious assertion that a man can change what he IS, and that people with whom you disagree 
simply refuse to exercise this ability.  As concerns yourself, you feel trapped in a locked room with a “you,” with which in large part your thoughts find fault, but which are unable to lead you therefrom.


You are saddled with the sensation of not BEING what you should be, but being incapable of making conclusive, satisfactory changes.


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Survival and Comfort

To better serve their survival and comfort, men can mentally plan and execute changes in their behavior; even to the point of acting in conflict with their instincts. 



Based on the demands of circumstances, and when it improves their position, men can change their mind, (that is), alter their mental commentary on a given situation.



This goes on constantly, effortlessly, and seamlessly, and is a basic characteristic of being a human being.  It gives rise to something further, which men do not take into account as their thoughts, which is to keep a running account of what they tell a man he is.


                                     You can change your behavior,
                                     even change your mind, but
                                    you can never change what you are.

The reality behind the above seventeen words sits-on and mashes-down-uncomfortably, every person who ever trods the boards of the mortal playhouse, (albeit without their direct awareness).



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