Whining is an invisible glue that helps hold a herd together.  Good for a herd, but an intolerable hobble for a cow wanting to break free and run loose on his own.  The instinctive workings of cow brains cause them to continually find fault with life-in-the-herd, due almost exclusively to the unthinking, offensive mental behavior of other cows.  If cows did not find one another irritating at herd level, herds would disintegrate, and routine bovines require the close mental companionship of their fellow creatures to maintain a minimal level of neural activity.

There is no scientific reason for anyone to whine, other than from physical pain – and, the body does not whine.  Whining comes from but one place – the mind; from a place that has no feelings, no sensory nerves, no sensations of pain.  What the hell does it have to whine about? – other cows’ whining, that’s what!

No cow likes what another cow has to say, unless it agrees with what he has to say.  If what another cow says doesn’t match up with what you think, you find his ideas nothing more than idle whining. All cows think that all other cows should, “Get over it!”   Get over what? – being a cow?  Does anyone actually believe that anything a cow can do will ever enable it to fly, or do anything not dictated by the wiring of the bovine brain?  Cows run too close together in herds to suit a few, and tend too often to moo in unison – but that’s the intractable nature of cows.

YOU get over it.  You whining about it simply secures your place in the herd.  To see what is going on, and break free, don’t let the dust of herd life stick to you – which it won’t, if you don’t keep looking at it and whining about it.  Take a lesson from how the kosher GI tract of geese deals with pork.  Let everything pass right thru you; be Super Goose: swallow whole hams in a single gulp, and forget they ever crossed your lips. 

A mind that has seen the-open-plain is then large enough to accept it all.  It resists nothing, realizing that, in so doing, it resists reality, and turns away from the goal it has so long sought. Relax – surrender, give it up, and go for a barefooted run amongst the imaginary cow patties The feeling of freedom is indescribable.


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Thou Shalts and Nots


“I want all the pleasures of being a recluse, and none of the hardships.  I want to dislike people without having to deal with them.  I want to criticize without participating.  I want to think about being free from my thoughts without actually having to experience such a horrid event.”

Anyone who says that men should do this and men should not do that – is a fool, and anyone who reads such statements, and does not realize their foolishness – is a cow.  No one knows what men should do; men do what they are supposed to do.  The only thing that men can meaningfully say concerning what men should do is about what behavior is most conducive to peace and order.


A big mistake was ever putting the words, “one mind,” in capital letters.  This caused men to believe that it referred to something metaphysical rather than the simple fact that everyone has but one mind, and that everyone’s individual mind is a part of a unified human intelligence.


Those who enjoy art, enjoy art;
Those who enjoy music, enjoy music;
those who enjoy movies, enjoy movies;
those who enjoy politics, enjoy politics;
those who enjoy religion, enjoy religion;
those who enjoy literature, enjoy literature,  and
those who enjoy conversation, enjoy conversation,

but that is all there is to it – they enjoy it.

There is nothing metaphysical about any of it.  Nothing is anything other than what it is, and because of this, men invented the concepts of metaphors and symbols, which have no more substance than do flickering on the wall from film.  The enjoyments exist entirely in men’s minds, a fact their minds commonly forget.


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Man’s Strange Search for Reality

News from here-and-there,
regarding this-and-that,
for those whose heads are bare,
and those who’re wearing a cap.

 First the weather: it was a warm day in hell; things went about as expected; still everyone acted surprised….many even complained.


To a man interested in the idea of another state of mind, nothing is more real than his present, unsatisfying one, or the near palpable potential of a better one.  To such people, nothing is more real than this whole affair; nothing is as pleasurable; nothing is as interesting.

Men with this hunger cannot be made to give it up – they in fact can hardly do so themselves even in exchange for finally meeting the hunger.  ”Bottomless pit” does not begin to describe the ravenous appetite and capacity of the mind, and he with no familiarity with infinity, is he confused, and forever hungry.

On one world, success is measured by a bullet to the head.


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Lunch Time

When it comes to matters that are strictly mental, the mind is strictly – indiscriminate.  A man may sincerely study a teaching that talks about the secret, but he will not be studying the secret.   He may carefully peruse words about the understanding, but the understanding has all words for lunch.

When the mind looks away, (which is to say), away to a teaching; away to words; to any teaching, to any words, (even those about itself), it looks where nothing of any benefit lies. It indeed looks where nothing exists concerning itself, save the dreams that it, and its ancestors, have fathered.

A ship shape man is not discouraged at all by this – what would be the point?! What he would do is consider, “If this description of what I am interested in is accurate, what does it offer to reveal to me about the true nature of my interest, and how, most efficiently, to pursue it?”

That is what a land loaded man would ponder, “Why does the achieving of this goal seem always just beyond my grasp – just beyond?  And why do I constantly feel that I almost know the secret – almost?!  Always – ‘just beyond,’ and ‘almost’…is there something obvious, and important that I am missing here?”

This is what a galactic geared man would be asking himself – the eternal, the cosmic, the infinite and infinitely delectable question: “Who is it in me at this very moment that is asking; ‘Who is it in me at this very moment that is asking…?’”

He who gets to the bottom of this – understands it all.


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Study the Reflection

Men continue trying to look at their mind with their mind, with none ever being the wiser of the folly. But with the few, who not only want to know the mind, but who want to know the secret of improving it – their predicament is magnified.

The mind cannot directly study the simple, secret fact, (which is the exposè and butcher of all study).  So the mind invents and then studies a teaching about the fact.
    “Never look right at the sun,” ‘tis said. 
    “Catch it in a mirror, and study its reflection,” – and there you have it.
    “To see the light, study a teaching” – cover your eyes with words.

There is no way in which a person could ever even get started in this sort of activity without initially finding and adopting a teaching about it that feels right to him.  It is unavoidable and FUN!

The mind is constructed to learn; it wants to learn.  When it is not so engaged with physical objects outside of itself, it will turn its hunger to learn inward on itself, and on those non-physical affairs fabricated by other men’s minds in their leisure time.

It is pleasurable to the mind to be engaged in any sort of apparent learning.  But when it begins to deal with non-material matters that the mind itself created, and which cannot be sensually experienced, it loses all objective perspective, and is able, (and just as likely), to treat ideas concerning the causes of The Renaissance with the same seriousness it would the reasons for Dallas’ domination of the NFL during the ‘70’s.


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The Teaching

Long before it had a public face, and had contracted religious and metaphysical connotations, the activity that existed was:  Zoroastrianism, Yoga, Taoism, The Mysteries, Buddhism, Zen, Cabalism, Sufism, (and their many offshoots).  These were known to the few actual practitioners by its real name:  You Either Are, Or You Aren’t, You Either Understand, Or You Don’t; which, even though that said it all, still said more than was necessary, in that a smile, a wink, a finger in the air covers the subject quite nicely.

Even though every culture and every period in history has its version of a teaching dedicated to achieving a state of consciousness and understanding, which its proponents find preferable to the one that comes natural to man, in truth, no such teaching exists, nor is possible.  There is no teaching, no method by which to make a person directly aware of the one simple fact that is the actual basis for all the activity mentioned.  The fact is the anti-matter TO the matter of all ideas devoted to its discovery; like looking for a light source, and employing the blindfold approach.

You cannot be told that which reveals the impotency of words, and there is nothing you can learn concerning the illusion of knowing.  Not due to stupidity, nor nefarious schemes, but due to the inability to directly confront this mental situation, have men unwittingly conjured up the concept of:  “Teachings.” For once you have a teaching, there is something to confront – The Teaching.

As is clear to everyone, to study physical objects outside of yourself, what you do is look at them; look directly at them.  But when men attempt to study that which is inside of them, which is not physical, clarity is replaced with distortion, and of such quality as to go undetected. 

The eyes and mind of a man can look at an object he finds, and thereby learn something of its structure and nature.  But when he looks inward, he sees only by the mind, and since, (regardless of what else he may call it), it will be the mind that he will be attempting to look at, he has a problem, one of such singularity as to pass unnoticed. 


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The affairs of the mind have their own specialized existence, and men of no exceptional mental agility ever suspect what it is about.  Allowing your mind to make you talk about people as though they are responsible for the activities of their mind, assures that you will never catch-on to what’s going-on concerning the mind.

From one view, you can say that mind does not exist, but even if it does, it should be thought of as a thing.  Remember, there are only two categories you can talk about, people and things, and while people are people, and operate as such, minds fall into the category of things.  If you get to the bottom of what this means, you will have a three ton derby removed from your head.

To be ordinary is to be melodramatic.
To be melodramatic is to be needlessly distracted,
and wasteful of energy in your brain
that could be used for a purpose you wouldn’t now believe.

Be a bottomless pit that swallows whole whatever comes your way, and you will discover that you have no personal, strangling tastes. 

Preferences are the imaginary illness robin conjures up to skip school on Mondays.  Get over that, and every day is Saturday.


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The Choices: Their Arrangement

You do not need a telescope;
you can see to the edge of the universe with your own eyes.
All you need initially do is locate the true center of your own.


There are only two things for men to talk about – people, and things.  Maximum velocity in pursuing clear-vision is achieved by talking about man as though he were a thing.  This does not insult man, contraire, it frees him from undeserved criticism.

No one expects mathematics from alligators, nor poetry from possums, but men’s minds direct them to make demands of themselves that assure disappointment. Life has developed in man a brain that produces thoughts, which in sizable part are devoted to the condemnation of man:
both of others, and oneself.

The benefits of censuring certain behavior is clear, and direct enough, whereby the mind directs that men be held accountable for seeing to it that when agreed upon ideas to live by, (i.e., no rape, no thievery), come in conflict with instinctive physical desires, (wanna rape, wanna steal), the former will rule the latter.  Thus, social safety is maintained; but when reproof leaves the physical realm, the advantages are less certain and immediate.

How mankind may ultimately benefit from liberal denunciations of conservative ideas, is not to be concluded from its present execution.  The gains man collectively realizes via the condemnation of one idea by another, is too long range and non-local to be apparent to ordinary minds, no matter how they primly insist otherwise.  A man who says that a current ideological conflict is caused by this-or-that, is as deluded as one who predicts that it will eventually result in that-or-the-other.


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True View from the Correct Direction

One man mused, “I only have one friend: my mirror.” 
And his mirror mused, “I only have one friend: reflection.” 
And reflection mused, “I only exist through the man looking for me.”  
And the man re-mused, “I only exist through looking for myself.” 
(Neither his stomach, nor other somatic organs joined in this conversation.)

When it is hot in Argentina it causes Canadians to shiver, with unhip ones believing this is due to local conditions.  On planets that plainly-see, there are no “local conditions,” (which is to say): no illusions of local conditions. 

In closed universes and boarded up rooms, far corners, (no matter how far from the imagined center), still do not qualify as places of “local conditions.”  Conditions are omnipresent, same as is conscious mind, and not realizing this confines a man’s ideas to dark, stifling corners of a small, closed-up, local room.

The mind can only produce ideas by operating as though it is restricted by invisible walls, which give a little over here, and push back a bit, over there.  The thoughts of a man who understands, resist nothing and accept nothing.  Only childish minds prefer Batman over the Penguin.

An efficient method to increase the odds of your finally finding the understanding, is to immediately cease giving any attention to anything your mind says in reaction to anything that anyone else says.  Begin right now, instead, to swallow whole, with no hesitation, thought or condition, every word that comes from the throat of humanity.  To an ordinary man, this sounds dangerous, but ordinary men have no serious clue as to what mind is.  The Penguin can never harm the Caped Crusader.  (Must the modifier, “actually,” be put before the word, “harm”?  Do only children read this?)


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The One Great Question

“What is this?” No inquiry a man can make of himself surpasses this.  In comparison, all other questions are quackery.

Consciousness lives in the land with no name;
Mind, in The Confusion Capitol of The World. 

A man pondered: 
“Is thought analog, and reality digital, or thought digital, and reality analogue?”
Ask yourself: 
“Do you feel that your relationship to life is continuous, or discreet?
An ordinary man cannot answer this question, and one-who-knows can’t hear it asked.


Language: a load of locusts loosed on the land, (an array of alliterations allowed to attack an area).  Waste of staggering proportion occurs while a man mistakes being entertained for being enlightened. Conceptual brain talks a good game, but the wind is heard without words.


Ordinary men know ordinary things; an extraordinary man knows an extraordinary thing. The extraordinary thing includes all the ordinary things, but they do not include it.


At dear cost to you do you forget that the opposite of every enlightening deal, is itself enlightening. One of speech’s purposes is social; ordinary herds get greased thereby.  Certain strays don’t say much, they just wink and grin.  Remember, the great waste in allowing the mind to confuse its being entertained with it being pointed to a way out of confinement. 

…(and, “Moo” to you too.)

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