The Universe is a Tricycle

This one city made this note:

“A man with a ‘bad attitude’ can, with just the teensiest bit of help from me, easily develop what is, to ME, a good and useful attitude.”  (And off to the side the city whispered:  “Truth-to-tell, the two are not all that different to begin with…Shhh!”)

The universe is a tricycle.

And now A Quiz Game, (are there any other kinds?!):

What is a metaphor for a metaphor? – A plain blank wall.

And the Quiz Master asked himself:  Couldn’t you just as well say, “An unaffected mountain?” (And just to keep up the little “joke,” replied to himself, “Hey, get outta my face!”)

When one man did realize that he was “his own best friend,” it made him so despondent that he turned to a life of drink and dissolution.  (Some years later, he thanked himself.)

Defying the harsh wind and the cold, one man mushed the hearty word onward:

Dreams:  Hormones’ attachment to thinking.


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Tight Muscles, Loose Mind

The primary world takes actions for words;
while the secondary takes words for words,
and figures that, eventually,
actions should become so also.

One man named his mind “Floyd.”  He said that his particular selection wasn’t all that significant; that the important thing was just to be on a “first name basis.”

The Maintenance Man, who had worked in the building for many years, said that the only thing left about him now that still impresses him, is the severity of the headaches he sometimes gets.  As we were leaving, his wife said that, “If you live around here long enough, you’ll die.”  And as we were getting back on the bus, our tour guide said, “Friends, whole religions have been started on less…a LOT LESS!”

As the children would leave the house each morning, the mother would slap them all on the back and exhort, “Remember, tight muscles, loose mind!”

Just as soon as the atmosphere had cooled, the seas resided and the land mass formed; the dense came together and quickly decided, “We’ve got to get organized to be sure we don’t get duped.”


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A Sincere Man

A sincere man
pretends that he cares.

And a chap steps forward to declare: “I will accept no gibberish before its time.”

Hormones can add,
Blood subtract,
But only neurons,

And a man says: “Hey – if I’d wanted to know what was going on, I’d been born a Revolutionist.”

Three Lines from a Grand And Mystical Dialogue:

“Every time a man whines an angel dies.”

“I don’t believe that!”

“Well, it SHOULD be so.”


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Trouble Comes in Pairs

If you know what to think and still don’t think it, then you don’t really know what to think.

A Universal Law (As Manifest Locally):
Those with pea-brains will seldom admit it.

And saideth this one man:
“Trouble comes in pairs – just look at me.”

One man told everybody in the world not to “fuck with him” – (everybody that is, except other humans).

The only truthful thing you can say about anything in the closet is that it’s in the closet.


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How Can You “Know” More Than You Know?

If you don’t think-beyond-your-own-thoughts, you’re not using the mind to its full potential.

After having made this factual statement, it would not be unexpected that someone would ask:  “How do you do that?”  Not only can I not answer that question, but the answer to that question is totally beyond the thoughts that asked it…a fact which, (If you “get it”), answers the question.

What This whole thing is about, “A More Complete Awakening Of The Mind,” is transparently dependent on the mind.  What else is there to use in such an undertaking?  And yet a glaring, (though ignored), point of viscidity lies at the heart of this, (to wit):  What knowledge about your mind can your thoughts contribute, that is not already in your mind!? 

Plainly put:  “How can you ever ‘know’ more than you know?!”

Now one not so plain:  “How can you ever be more conscious than you are, at any moment you are thinking about being, ‘more conscious’?”  You cannot be.  This is the sticky problem that thoughts do not want to deal with – indeed they are by nature UNABLE to “deal with it.”  Right there is all the “Way To Wake Up,” that an experienced and perceptive man requires…which is why I say:  If you do not think beyond your own thoughts, you never use thinking to its fullest potential and if that remains the case – you will never wake up to what is really going on.


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Thinking about Doing

Doing is instinctive, while thinking is second-order-instinctive, often appearing to be as much influenced by the external, man-made, cultural environment as by the internal, physiological one.  (But do take note that the trick term Is, “Appearing to Be.”)

Reminder Of Our Main Topic:

“Anything anyone says, (and ergo thinks), deserves to be mocked and ridiculed.”


“Ideas that can be offended, should be offended.”

If you believe that a particular idea is true and cannot see how it deserves to be insulted and offended, then you believe an ideal that is a lie.

“Ideas that can be insulted should be insulted and the more impressive they sound, the more they deserve to be insulted.”  (How “Rock Climbing” and “Wising Up” rules regard letting go of what you presently are holding onto are connected to offending that to which you presently hold to.)

Most people spend most of their time thinking about doing.

Mystics think about thinking,

and those who go beyond being mere mystics,

think about all the time they wasted thinking.


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Doing, Thinking & Talking

Our main topic today is:

“Anything ever said deserves to be ridiculed.”  (Of course not actively or overtly so; in fact there is no exact word for what I mean:  Derided, Mocked, Dismissed, Disdained, or Unworthy of Notice.)

Man seems to live by “doing,” and to live by “thinking and talking.”  While doing is essential to survival, thinking and talking are not.  A man could, in fact, survive solely by “doing” if he were removed from an environment wherein thinking had been made an integral part of everyday life. So, doing is essential – thinking is not.

Actual survival is IN doing, while thinking is either thinking-about-essential, survival-related-doing, or is thinking-about-non-essential-doing that is merely distraction and entertainment, or is thinking-about-things that are total inventions of previous human thinking.  “Anything that’s said or thought by anyone deserves to be ridiculed.”

Thinking is intended to assist doing in matters of survival.  But thinking can also interfere with essential doing, (such as in being mentally “somewhere else” while carrying needed water, and tripping and spilling it.)


Things men “DO” may be laughed at,
but only what they think deserves to be ridiculed.


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Making Eye Contact

When you realize that “Feeling’s the Thing,” and not Thinking, everything you’ve ever heard about “Waking Up” makes more sense than ever; (because it hardly makes any sense at all now), when you think about it.

Making eye contact with thought, (rather than looking to feeling), is making ice so that you will have something to boil, to have water.

There is an approach that you can invent for yourself, that I call by the name of:  “Look Away.”

Only a total fool attempts to explain, (from his own personal view), what it is to: “Want to Awaken.”

When asked about his place of residency, one man replied: “I presently live a bit north of my thalamus – but I’m attempting to relocate.”

There is a method that you can adopt as your own by which you “look away” – always looking up just over the heads of thoughts, off to the infinite horizon.  (P.S. Keep the whole affair as non-specific as possible.)


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Look Away

All men are a “walking bundle of feelings,” only difference is an enlightened man KNOWS better.

Although from the classical mystic’s view, everyone who is not struggling to “awaken” is “asleep,” and in that such people rarely “Think About Themselves.”  From that perspective unique to mystics, they cannot be said to actually “Be Asleep.”

You must be a person who consistently engages in “thinking about yourself,” from an “insider’s viewpoint,” to be asleep; (curious as it sounds) only those wanting to awaken ARE asleep.

Isn’t that the kind of statement sufficiently curious to cause you to – Look Away – to look above and beyond the heads of all the words and images, always trying to arise from the caustic depths of your mind, and take full control of your consciousness.

If the true sign of an awakened man is that, “You cannot discern his mind,” how about what’s between you and your own so-called “Mind”?


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Touchy! Touché!

One man pondered; “Is there in fact a ‘Song Of Awakening,’ one, if which I sang, would produce awakening?” 

And a voice from somewhere answered him:  “Yes, providing you DIDN”T sing it.” 

(“You see, said another voice, “Right there’s the PROBLEM with all of this!”  Touché, touché!  Touchy and – touché.)

Once he has turned the ideas of “awakening” around in his mind, to a degree sufficient for him, the worst thing such a man can do after that is to – think about his life.

If there is no immediate problem that has a possible physical solution, there is no reason for a man seeking the goal to ever be thinking about his life.

You live your mundane, moment-to-moment, uneventful life by feelings, with nothing there about for an awakened man to think about.

When you start, you’re confused and un-enlightened; then you become enlightened and un-confused.  But the Big Game is to be neither confused nor enlightened.  (Those who accomplish that are the unknown Hall-of-Famers.)


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