Looking at This

One guy became so taken with the concept of “being civil,” that he would go out of town whenever he had to spit.

There are two ways
of looking at This.

Every time this one guy with ears would hear the term, “superfluous sarcasm,” he would think, “What a waste of perfectly good words.”

Those not born to the sorehead life, often times marry into it.

All wars are inevitable, all wars are necessary.


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Safari Outfitters

When means are taken to be ends, the Revolution is put on hold.

The outfitters for far distant safaris are always in your home town.  (Which is just as well.  Hey don’t you see any connection between this one and that other, do you???  Naw!)

One guy did imitations of dead people SO good…

One reason Life has provided Secondary institutions is so that therein men may collect and make local phenomena seem…seem, oh, I don’t know, somehow “more important.”

There are reports of a developing race, over on a young planet, who are able to “say what they mean.”  (I think it should be noted that this is through no fault of their own.)

If “common knowledge” actually meant anything, people wouldn’t call it common, now would they.


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Growth doesn’t repent.

All by himself, this one fellow developed his own amusing mode: whenever he was asked about anything he had ever said about anything, he would respond, “Well, you caught me – I lied!  Yes sir, I lied and you caught me, simple as that.”

The plans for Jakarta’s zoo, are always drawn in Oslo.

Yesterday one kid told his ole man, “Sometimes I think you are and I are the same entity.”  And the elder thought, “Some of these items get TOO close for their own good – or should I say, ‘MY own good.’”

The answer to a maiden’s prayer, (in the City), is always feminine.  (And of course, “Real men” don’t pray.)

Meanwhile, back over at the City University in a Sociology class, a professor concluded a certain segment by commenting that it seems most men must have some other outside group they can hate.  And an ole sorehead’s student son spoke up, “That’s not necessary in my case Sir – I have me.”


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The Stupid Wallbanger

Enthusiasm in Secondary affairs is not unlike sexual arousal in Primary ones.

In the Revolutionist “Developmental Chart,” there is a stage of growth singular to itself.  It notes not only a “time-by-which a kid should be talking,” but also a time-by-which one should shut up.

Every time you find out that some particular “thing” doesn’t really matter – everything else shifts.

One evening, during the recent Philosophers’ Convention over on the Pithy Planet, one chap climbed up on the bar and announced, “Leaving footprints on the beach is no proof you can swim.”  And his mates were so swept along with the thrill of the moment that they had the bar name a drink after their exuberant colleague.  It’s called the “Stupid Wallbanger.”

A City service is not useless or fraudulent as long as men still call upon it.  From certain hillside views, however, it can seem to have “overstayed its visit.”


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Heat-Seeking Missiles

Whilst nosing around at the university Nosh Nook, a natty historian nodded to me and noted, “So many astounding things happened in the sixteen hundreds, that it became inevitable they have the seventeens.”

The original idea for heat-seeking missiles came from knowledge trying to find some thinking to think it.

In the City, remember this:

People always write about
what they don’t know about.

After years of exercise, experimentation, and just plain hard sweat, this one chap says he has perfected his attention and memory to the point that he can forge ANY thing.

In the City, those who think of only one thing at a time, can HAVE a good time.


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Myths Worth Retelling

For those of you still interested in such rumors, it’s said that they have eternity locked up in a closet just over the hill.

Laying down the daily paper, and turning off the TV, the kid asked, “Why do they call it the ‘news’ when there’s never anything new?”

I heard tell of a fellow so ahead-of-the-game that his thirst could be slaked by hearing the pouring of water.

Only stable myths
are worth re-telling.

One guy’s most common cry was, “Hey, there it comes again!”


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The Forgotten Education

As believed by certain ancient, yet old people – three is a magical number.  Point of fact:  Note how mysteriously, though nicely, this sentence itself regarding that wondrous number fits into three words.

Everyone had an early education they’ve forgotten about.

I hear of this one little progressive City in Anthrovia’s Galaxy, whereon they have made the “Torture Of Talent” at least a misdemeanor.

Things spoken of critically can’t be changed.

Things described as broken can’t be fixed.

The enjoyment of having a secret cannot be fully savored if yours can actually be discovered by another.


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Having Heroes

Men invented “things” simply because they couldn’t do otherwise.

While reading, an ole sorehead came upon this notion, “True innocence is in not knowing we have sinned.”  And the surly one was deeply impressed and amazed – until he realized this was written and said by someone from his own planet.

Having heroes can save you a lot of time.

Another fellow told me that it was only through the persistent urging of his friends that he agreed to appear in this Daily News at all.

While ordinary people ordinarily using the word enthusiasm would think of it as an “agreeable emotion,” at the Revolutionist level, enthusiasm and comfort are not synonymous.


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The Anticipation of Information

It’s not what you know but who;
It’s not who you know but where;
It’s not where you know but when;
It’s not when you know but why, and
For the Revolutionist’s purposes,
It’s not why, but a mixture of the five,

And although it is a bit young with no established vintage,
Its poignant aroma and up-scale sparkle augur well for future crops.

The cunning anticipation
of information
is itself information.

One guy calls knowledge a “temporary cessation of thinking.”

If you ask most people, “What they mean,” they’ll tell you –
they’ll be wrong, but they’ll tell you.

It is presently rumored that a guy over there, someplace else, has discovered the secret to having more garbage than he has stuff to begin with.


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The Final Act

A man not taken seriously is never expected to change.

Even if you push you way to the front, it won’t make the rear go away.

In the new world, the Revolutionist makes thinking-of-action, an action.

At times Life lets man take “no explanation,” as being the “best explanation” – under the circumstances.

All “failures,” had some assistance.  (Just ask, you’ll see.)

Theatre Note:
They keep holding up the last act.


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