Everything Is You

There is no full describing of mind, in that it would require a running description of the process behind the describing, and no one can see the back of their own head.  (Waking-up is facing up to this fact.)

Give me passion or give me knowledge.  No wait, give me the steady sight of their union – and I’ll take it from there.

If a man’s natural born temperament is to beat-up-on-himself-in-his-mind; verbal recommendations “not to” are of little help.  Move the bubbling combat back to where it started;back to where it can once again belong – out of the mind.

 (“And rot in hell for all I care.”)
Yaz’zer!  Rot on, young troopers – rot on!
When you learn to look correctly inward, you realize there is no self there; and yet, there is nothing there but self.

Everything is you:
confusion is you;
understanding is you;
what you see is you;
what is hidden is you;
being asleep is you;
being awake is you.
Staying as you are is you and being different is also you. 
Everything is you; this is enlightenment, and discovery of the source.


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Take the Step! (Holiday Edition)

At the next level, the effort itself is so much fun that the question of success gradually becomes almost irrelevant, (believe it or not). 

No man is happier, or more satisfied with himself, than he who wants to Wake Up, and who will let go of silly notions about the seriousness of doing so, and will move on to the next stage of pondering why he is not presently happy and satisfied with himself in his efforts to Wake Up?

The answer to everything|
 is the questioning of the question.

Take a deep breath; shake your shoulders; loosen up and relax.
The next stage stands right jam-up against your toes.

Go ahead – take the step. 


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Move to Stage Two (Holiday Edition)

Beating yourself metaphorically about the head indefinitely is not the way, and you should not sit there presently and believe that it is.  This grand escapade is not a bizarre experiment intended to torture the few, but indeed, as you initially and correctly felt, when you first ran across the idea of, waking-up-to-a–new-state-of-more-enlightened-consciousness.  It is the most fun you can have while still on this planet, and the answer and solution to all questions and problems ever thought of by man.

The time is ripe for you to look past the repetitious notices in your head of how asleep, stupid, and frustrated you are.  Being so aware was progress for you twenty years ago, but it is now mere meaningless redundancy. You are now not a sleeping, confused person; you are a person with a mental awareness that says you are asleep and confused.


Be happy, you succeeded in the first stage of the journey! 
Now it is time to go to stage two:  the joyfully expectant examination
of why you went through the first stage.

The struggle to wake up and be enlightened is not connected in any way to any form of suffering, pain, or sadness of the ordinary mental realm.  No matter how serious you believe you are about “waking up,” (and ‘tis quite likely you are too “serious,” in the sense of being uselessly solemn). Start reminding yourself of this fact:  if you’re not being made happy by what you’re doing, you’re not really doing it.  You may be doing something, but you’re not doing IT.

This, by now, should be everyone’s standard:
If you are not, minute-by-minute, thrilled, enthused, and constantly pleased-to-the-point-of-laughing-out-loud, you’ve just momentarily slipped back into daydreaming, and all you need do is snap back to your indescribable investigation of, what is “being asleep” and “wanting to awaken”?


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Non-Self-Critical-Examination (Holiday Edition)

For a long time, self-criticism appears to operate as the basis for a person’s struggle in this curious undertaking, but one’s view must eventually move elsewhere, or else even this extraordinary affair becomes but another form of meaningless self-flagellation.  (This is not without significance in ordinary lives, but meaningless in those of the few.)

It is necessary first that a person gain a constant awareness that their mind, thoughts and consciousness, (the totality of what is supposed to be your individual, private, and completely personal inner world), is not under your own control, nor even apparently much subject to your own desires for it.  A man must be cautious not to become so accustomed to this seemingly justifiable state of self-irritation, as to unwittingly allow it to become an acceptable substitute for the one he originally sought.

Do not permit yourself to forever sit home alone, incessantly berating yourself for being weak and asleep.  A few decades of such should be sufficient for anyone, but instead, go to the next stage, which will quickly arouse you from your sluggishness, and return to you the indescribable excitement you first felt upon hearing about this extraordinary adventure.

The next stage is the non-self-critical examination of your self-criticism.  Remember, this is not undertaken on the basis that there is something peculiar to your individual life that makes you feel thus, and what you are looking for has nothing to do with “you” personally, nor with your family, friends, community, culture, religion, nationality, wealth, or social status.

In corpore what you are finally looking into, at the new level of trying-to-Awaken is:  what is the root of me wanting to Awaken?  This can be cut up and talked about in a multitude of manners, but this is the basic question, and from its impassionate, (as much as is humanly possible), investigation will be revealed what you seek.


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Books and Wits (Holiday Edition)

At any given time, there are several thousand people alive on this planet who are earnestly interested in the idea of achieving a non-standard state of more personally agreeable consciousness (“waking up,” “becoming enlightened”). This state is oft referred to throughout the history of man, and many, to varying intensities, consider themselves actively involved in its pursuit.

There are numerous, long-established, religious and religious-like, publicly accepted structures, in which the members profess to the above, but which in practice prove to be their profession. The few who always constitute the actual heartbeat of this unusual interest, even should they initially align themselves with some apparently pertinent organized activity, tend to ultimately go it alone, or almost alone.  (Being a good “joiner-upper” turns out not to be particularly compatible with achieving this peculiar goal.)

Once they have constructively abandoned the consistent participation-in and reliance-on normally available organized activities which claim to be dedicated to bringing about another condition-of-mind, the core few are left with three possibilities to assist them in their undertaking.  Books, their own wits, or the potential acquaintance with another individual who, through personal experience, understands what This is about.

As with everything else in man’s mental reality, this can get quite tricky. For instance, books are no actual alternative, since their ideas are the same thing as the reader’s own wits.  Even the overt words of another living human can be made into no more than that, if the seeker of the fresh state is not abnormally alert.

Of specific note is how susceptible are these solitarily inclined few to leechlike feelings of self-condemnation and disgust, not of the routinely accepted psychological sort.  (Not, “I guess I hate the way I look because of how my mother treated me,” but rather, “What’s the purpose in these negative thoughts about me that are continually fed to my head, and since it’s my own mind, why can’t I stop them?”)


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The most pathetic and idiotic sound a human being can make, is to remark on features of life that they find to be “not right.”

Seeing what life is about is not in seeing what is right or what seems wrong about life, but in realizing the nature of such mortal, pseudo-seeing.

Even the most foolish of ordinary minds can explain life in a way that makes sense, but the sense life makes from all human descriptions is a sense that supports only itself.  All words prove only themselves, and all who give all of their hearing over to words, never get to the underlying sense of life – which is self-explanatory – and total in its doing so.

The vitality of a cow can never be understood from looking at its butchered parts.  Realizing what is going on fills you with such unity that your head is too complete to speak.

A  father said to a son:

“I do not know what, ‘knowing’ is, but I do know what, ‘NOT knowing’ is.”
“Which is?”
“Believing you know what knowing is.”


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It’s All Hype

There is no promotion without self-promotion…oh yeah, and there is no self without promotion of self.

One guy’s motto was: “Other than for eatin’ and sleepin’, everything else is just theatrics any way.”

If you’re talkin’, you’re squawkin’;
if you’re speakin’, you’re squeakin’;
if you’re yackin’, you’re crackin’;
if you’re pipin’ up, you’re gripen’ up.

Ordinary mind cannot comment on life without nit picking it.

          Hark! Mighty phokneechins, save your pickin’ – see thru the nitin’.


All men are born butchers; born cutting up lions into lamb chops; forests into toothpicks; orchards into fruit salad; clear-channel-communication into AM radio.  It’s all hype; all news-talk-and-sports-entertainment – not actual news that only occurs when butchering is run in reverse.


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Science Update

Only the invisible-rich can ever afford to leave the neighborhood neural-network-playground.

 “Us thoughts have got to stick together.
We should take a lesson from them cows.”

Science Update: 

The most powerful neurotransmitter has yet to be identified – glue!  
(And the desire to be liked.)

There is a river that has no source; it is the headwaters for washing-out-your-head and getting-wised-up.  Who cannot fail but be impressed by a mighty floodwater that bathes everything men do – yet has no source.

Find the sound this fact makes, 
and you’ve uncovered it all.


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There are two commonly employed initial approaches:

“I want to feel better,” or,
”I want to understand,

but it eventually comes down to this:
“I want to understand why I don’t feel better.”

The beings on Planet X have the X faculty – which is the greatest thing that ever happened to them.  It is also the most frustrating; and the most annoying; and the most confusing.  Yet without it, they would have never realized when they were frustrated, annoyed and confused.

Temperament and mind; hormones and neurons; horses and saddles; herds and individual yards; passions and purpose, and passion with no visible target.  You either hear clear through the collective-reality-din, or else the cacophony of mass mooing will keep you, forever, distracted and distraught. 

                                          “Forever is a long time!”
                                          “Not as long as mind, though.”

A man can outlive everything except his mental concept of an end.  Immature thinking persists in believing that it came from somewhere, and thus must be going someplace.  Slides and merry-go-rounds to pacify children.  (Up, down – round-and-round.)


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What a Game!

The brain is a blender; producing its own electricity, and furnishing its own fruit for smoothies. (He who drinks only home brew, gets not the vitamins to see the thing through.)

“What we need is an outside-consultant.”   No, what you need is an, “outside,” one you can’t distinguish from your insides; a fresh view to free you from the mental-cell-of-two-locks.  As long as your mind sees an, in-here that is separate from an, out-there, you will be forlornly trapped in the in-here, which, (sad-upon-sad), isn’t even real to begin with.

“Ah, just think about it, Dorkus, a prisoner of no-one’s, yet captured all the same.”   
  “What a game – what a jock-splitting game, my dear.”
One of the most famous of the non-existent, mystical schools of the remote mountains of Keyahka, requires for admission, either:  irrefutable proof of your seriousness or reasonable evidence of your death.   (P.S. there is a why to why all of the really neat ENLIGHTENED ONES are already dead before you get here.  Guess why.  Go ahead – take a guess.)


Those who understand what is going on, have no understanding of, “understanding.” You can’t not understand and understand what is going on.

Welcome to the locker room of impenetrable supporters!


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