The Herd

Doing This and trying to succeed at doing it is the only thing you can do to make your life acceptable to you.  (Hey, it could be worse; you could have been born with an irrepressible desire to be an accountant.)

Question-Asked-A-Candidate:  “Why does anyone want to be President?” 
Only two possible reasons: you either want to show that you are stronger than everyone else, or that you are smarter than everyone else. 

Now apply this to the, “I KNOW WHAT’S BEST AND I WANNA BE IN CHARGE!” member of your mental family, and ponder its motivation in wanting to make the other thoughts/family members submit to its hand.

Many say they want to make-the-journey, but few ever ask themselves…Why, specifically; “Why?”  The answer to which is the completion OF the journey.

Sitting atop his horse, as he surveyed the animalistic sight spread out before him, a cowboy mused: “No one is IN CHARGE of a herd.  I know that I seem to be, but the weather is as much so as me. Thunder can move the herd much faster than I can, and the aroma of fresh grass from a distant field can keep them moving far past my most vigorous exhortations.  I am not in charge of this herd – that is an illusion, and one which can only be maintained via my own self indulgence in pretending so.


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The Family

There was once a family who, taken as a whole, was an unruly bunch.  One of them was particularly disturbed by their condition, and one day read that they could be different if someone with his attitude was in charge. 


This member then endeavored to take control of the brood, but with less than full success.  Sometimes he would take center stage, and get everyone else’s attention, and for a moment everything would settle down and be like he thought it should be, but most of the time it was still near chaos, nothing but pointless moving about, and endless, meaningless chatter.

Everyone outside the family took its life to be quite normal, in that their own was similar, but no matter how natural and ordinary the family’s life was accepted to be by everyone else, that one member was never satisfied with its collective life, (even though his view failed to ever prevail).

Note: Although history records him under sundry names, this one figure is always the source of all of man’s metaphysical interests, and his prying around in his consciousness.

Note II:  You know you are in the correct struggle when the automatic opposition to your aim is universal, relentless and overwhelming, and there are no earthly signs to indicate a good chance of success.

Note III:  If this figure is truly a natural member of your natural family, then any questions of opposition, encouragement, or odds against success, are entirely irrelevant.  You do what you must do; you do what “being alive” leaves you no choice but to do.


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Scientists trying to locate “Mind-in-the-brain” – look awry; they never turn their attention to the mental lab equipment with which they carry on their search.


People trying to find a different state of mind also view askew; they will insatiably wrangle with verbal maps while ignoring the matter of physical feet.

Once the facts are explained to them, after that, what can you conclude other than: “Those who are confused – WANT to be confused,” or are at least content with such a condition as long as they can keep discussing the idea of metaphysical adventure with their friends, and themselves.

In the world of those who do-not-understand,
it is those who do not understand
who get by with the least friction….
at least in the beginning.

Fact: With most, the beginning IS the end.
Quote: “In spite of its best reflexive efforts, his consciousness, the fatal blow could not stave, thank god!”
Today’s Concluding Fact: You are only handicapped if you say you are.

Everyone wants to know:  “Where is The Point-Blank Man”?
Everyone knows quite well where he is, which is why they pretend to be busy looking for additional information before going on.  “On! you huskies!  On! I say!”


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In the World of the Inattentive

Ignore the notion, “The good die young,” and focus on the useful version:
”The mechanically certain mentally die before they even get started .” 

In the world of the inattentive, it is the inattentive who thrive, 
(or who at least find prevailing conditions acceptable).

Surrounded by forest – expect debris. 
Why squander attention on the leaves you brush away?

Those who try to stay indoors amidst the woods, are those who curse most the pollen; and the conspiracy is that driven critics are comped to only the worst shows.

Do not ask, “For whom annoying existence tolls,” – you know the answer to that. A “philosopher” is one who wants-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things, but not that bad; not bad enough to realize that the thing in him that wants-to-know is the very thing at the bottom-of-everything. 

In the forest, the identifying cry of the idiot is:  “I am surrounded by idiots!”
In the consciousness of the confused, uncertainty is maintained by its ear heeding only the voice of its own tongue.


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Where Is The Point-Blank Man?

Everyone wants to know:
“Where is: The Point-Blank Man”?

In the world of those who do-not-know,
it is those who do not know 
who are made to believe they do.

A father said to a son: 
“In my trying to show you, what-is-going-on, the only sin you can inflict on me is for you to be verbally boring.” 
And to himself the lad mused: 
“I should have the same attitude regarding the relationship between the part of my mind that 
wants to get THE KNOWLEDGE, and the rest of my thoughts.”

To bypass alarm clocks and wake yourself up requires that you be not verbally boring even to yourself.  No, make that ESPECIALLY to yourself. Allowing the tongue and ear of your consciousness to engage in their normal, “I talkyou listen” activity is to doom yourself to a bed of mental torpidity.  Doing so will assure that you will forever be a restive audience member to an endless, un-funny monologue of infinite irrelevancy…from which  there is no escape since it all takes place inside your head.

A life of mental redundancy is a life of never knowing; of never quite – GETTING IT RIGHT; of always being just slightly uncertain.  That is the whole purpose of mental redundancy, to compensate for the redundancy’s impertinence.


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The Stay-at-Home Mind, III

The stay-at-home-mind is all that is needed for an ordinary,
stay-at-home mental life;
a man can become a president, a pope, 
a respected intellectual, using nothing more.
Collectively, it is the stay-at-home-mind that is the brains
 and guiding force of the human herd;
what it does—it does damn well, 
and at what it does, it has no peer—
but what it will never do and cannot do
is put you and THE KNOWLEDGE together—
it is the wrong dating service.

If you wanna get laid by the best,
(and I mean of course by THE KNOWLEDGE),
you’ve got to: get out of the house;
you’ve got to: FORGET about the house, 
and everything that previously went on in there.
And you’ve got to—STAY-ON-THE-MOVE
Don’t ever stop to— “think about” a matter.
Whatever it is, if it is worth thinking about,
it’s worth thinking about on-the-run.
That’s the only way to find your way—keep on the move.

Stop-and-ponder how to start a fire, locate food,
sterilize water; but never about any matter that 
you cannot put your hands on.
If what you have decided to think about
—you cannot carry with you—
then it can only BE correctly “thought-about”
while on the move.

Thus can a man not profitably think about 
THE KNOWLEDGE while stationary, 
that is of course, obviously to say:
while his mind is stationary;
while his thoughts are stopped and stuck-on
his thinking about the matter.

Ordinary people, 
having only the stay-at-home-mind,
think about things.
and using the wandering-mind
just—thinks; not about things,
but just—THINKS.

The once-and-forever trick is—Don’t stare.

THE KNOWLEDGE could be standing right beside you, 
but if you are staring, you will never see it.

Knowing is never-settled.
Stupid is unmoving.


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The Stay-At-Home Mind, II

The stay-at-home-mind constantly – STOPS!
It stops at every object or idea it thinks about;
it – stops to think-about the thing.  Major mistake!
If thinking about things with your natural born, 
self-centered, self-protective, self-interested-only,
stay-at-home-mind had the potential to ever deliver
wouldn’t you, and everyone else have it by now?

The stay-at-home-mind is the ultimate couch potato; 
the colloquial rube, the rustic boob,
a mental shut-in with delusions of having a world-view.
Everyone’s stay-at-home-mind believes that it properly divines
the true from the false, the real from the unreal,
and that it alone has the right view and appreciation of itself,
and thus its human host.

Living in the grip of this mind is natural, normal,
and what is expected of you by life, 
(and by the six billion other souls around you 
trapped in the same grip).
Cows want to hear only mooing,
and each cow expects to have naught but 
bovine-appropriate thoughts pass thru its head (or — be laid on it!)

A man with THE KNOWLEDGE got it thru a
by way of a mind that, left the house,
went outside, and stayed outside;
a mind that did not STOP when it thought about a thing —
but always stayed on the move;
forever carrying with it the infinite number of ways that
the thing could be thought about, and not confined to
how it would be thought about back home,
using the stay-at-home’s constrictive perspective.


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The Stay-at-Home-Mind

The hunger for the knowledge
is the spark that fuels the life of the few,
and it can only be had thru the mind;
but not thru the mind a man is born with.

A man is born with a stay-at-home-mind
but for This activity he needs a wandering-mind.

The stay-at-home-mind is seated firmly in the brain’s
sense of a self, and is instinctively protective of same.

The stay-at-home-mind sees itself to be the center
of an extremely important, though non-tangible, universe,
but “sees itself to be” in the sense of, 
“accepts itself to be,” in that it has no natural means 
by which to stand apart from itself, and actually– “see” itself.
No, what it does, (since there is nothing to oppose it),
is unanalytically accepts the innate sensation that comes with the territory,
that makes it feel that its view of the universe comes from its very core. 

A fish with no oceanographic knowledge,
and surrounded by water as far as he could see,
could conclude to his own satisfaction 
that he was in the very middle of the water, even though 

he might be but a short distance from shore.

By instinctively, (which is, from a mental view, to say, “blindly”)
accepting itself and its host human to be at the center of reality,  
the stay-at-home-mind serves itself, and its host, well.

Do note, an important distinction being herein created-and-drawn:
it is the conscious operations of the brain being spoken of as the 
STAY-AT-HOME-MIND — the source of thought;
and while the brain’s non consciousness mind helps protect the body,
the stay-at-home-mind protects thought, and by accepting its own ideas
to be the most valid of all, it fulfills its protective duties cuit à point.

A man seeking THE UNDERSTANDING can. by no measure. rely on this mind;
he can only ignore it, and create in himself the, WANDERING-MIND,
which is forever adventurous;
which never stops, 
never sits down in a chair in your house, 
and “ponders” the nature of the universe, 
which under these conditions is to but 
ponder the sole of your own foot —
…and without ever even looking at it, at that.


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Foolish Fish

Does having THE KNOWLEDGE empty your yard?
Not necessarily — but once you recognize the omnipresence,
persistence, and significance of dust, 
your fanatical housekeeping days are behind you.

What profit can be derived from 
rejecting your bequeathment?!
‘T’would be a foolish fish who failed to recognize water.

how things were and are
before your mind, perforce, 
turned away from how things are.


And it is not accurate to say: “Welcome back home,”
for it is scheduled that mind takes every man
from his animal place of birth to 
where his life as a mortal must be played. 
Those with THE UNDERSTANDING have 
extended the journey to its present ultimate:
they see where mind has taken man.


Those who bemoan having gone from G to H
do not grasp the geography-of-the-inevitable,
nor the reward of its realization.
All are prisoners in the jail of reality —
but because of understanding this
those with THE UNDERSTANDING are free —
free to do whatever is possible for prisoners to do.


When you realize that you can referee your own life,
(leastwise the bouts that occur solely in your head),
you will be pleased to discover that after:
”…7, 8, 9,” comes: “Get up — you’re free to go now.”

  The “truth” is outdoors  —  THE UNDERSTANDING, not.


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Resistance is ignorance.
 When you have THE UNDERSTANDING — you disappear.

By the way: THE UNDERSTANDING cannot be understood,
and if you do think that you understand it, 
then you do not have it. 
(…Yeah, even more rattiness —  but it can’t be helped.)

There are two distinct foes to getting THE KNOWLEDGE:
“You read my mind,” and: 
“What the hell you talkin’ ’bout?”

Today’s Road Marker: 
Life wants men to be concerned about each other,
and about the future of humanity — but —
     —   SO WHAT?!                      
What’s it to you?

A man who believes he has “accomplished great things”
                      has accomplished nothing
No one takes GETTINGTHE-UNDERSTANDING as seriously as the person trying to get it.
Only those who don’t-know
want to talk about it.


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