Attempts to Occupy the Mind

A man stood before a mirror and proclaimed, “I am a paradigm!”  And his consciousness punched his mind and said, “That’s me he’s talking about – not him.”



Religion:  Another attempt to give the mind something specific to do.



Expanded Historical View:

Speech:  The first attempt to give the mind something to do.

Mythology:  The attempt to give the mind something specific to do.

Religion:  Another attempt.

Science:  Yet another – and…

Conversation of all sorts:  Still another, and perhaps, ultimate attempt.



Update Regarding Words:

To a more conscious man – all definitions are obsolete.



Do note that, like consciousness, the mind is not a “thing” but an operation.



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The Mind’s Not Interested

Time for another round of the:  “Answer, Then Question” Game:

Bad blood between them from birth, describe the relationship between a thinker’s mind and consciousness.



A viewer asks:

“Why haven’t you referred to the, “Eve-of-consciousness” and the “Adam-of-the-mind?  Why not?”



The Truism:  “You can’t hit a moving target.”

The Truth:  The mind doesn’t have any interest in thinking about This.



When it might be “helpful” to learn to either run or swim:

If the collective don’t “catch up with you,” your own mind will eventually “weigh you down.”



One man began to privately think of his own neural life as:  “Doing laps.”



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Willful Silence

Simply put for the moment:  when more conscious, there is no distinction between the mind and consciousness.



Drawing upon all of his reserves, one man discovered that his reserves were everyone’s reserves.



If you still don’t understand that a certain “willful silence” is important, then consider the fact that a more conscious man wouldn’t even let life know what he was thinking about.



Job Related News:

If you work for consciousness, but are paid by the mind, you’re being short changed.



If a thinker ain’t a Boy Scout, (that is – practical), he ain’t nothing.




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Reality is Duality

Intellectually, the life of a pauper and the life of a rich man are the same.  Except, they’re not – and yes they are.  And so what – what’s it to you fatso?

(Viewer Poll:  Was this one still too “allegorical” for you??)



A man’s level of consciousness is his personality, and will determine the extent of his understanding as surely as his height dictates the atmospheric pressure his head will experience.



To the ordinary mind, all reality is duality, but why must you stop there?!



One man tried the approach of remind himself, “It is not my stomach – but life’s; not my mind, but its also.”



A city spiritual advisor inquired of a man, “Would you prefer to be famous or of good health?”  And the man replied, “Tis too easy for you to ask, since neither is in your power to grant.”

(And might I ask of you, why you don’t use some similar approach as regards the many fine-sounding, but ridiculous things the old collective consciousness of man says to you via your mind.)



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Thinking without Thinking

One Man Looks At The Mind:

“Commentaries are bad enough, but commentaries on commentaries – hey, give us a break!”



One man had special areas in his house: one where he’d do exercise, another where he’d do his reading, and another place where he’d paint and play music.  Question:  “Do you have such a house in your mind?



You could describe this new state of consciousness as: 
the brain thinking, but with nothing to think about.



A guy says, “Okay, you’ve convinced me, I distrust all object and nouns.  Now can you save me from certain operations and verbs?”



How It Goes – Upstairs:

Any question the mind has – has an answer – and it’s a waste of time.
Note:  You can however, make a meaningful distinction between an “answer” and a “survey.”




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The Danger of Anger

One man says his hobby is, “A relentless, looking-at, pestering, and non-verbal questioning-and-investigation of the mind.”  (A hobby that is not aimed at the future is not much of a hobby.)

When it comes to an uncompromising scrutiny of what a man knows, it will say to him, “Leave me out of this!”

A man writes:
“So okay, I’ve listened to you and can kinda agree that sometimes life ain’t too bad – but I still think people suck!”  (‘Fraid he doesn’t quite have it.)

All thought and all talk is but finally the mind’s attempt to understand itself.

The true danger of anger is that it is so serious!


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Cliches:  The attempt to establish a temporary verbal tribe.



One man compiled a long list of clichés – and then, began to live them.



A guy who’d thought a lot, one day thought, “Jeeze, it seems like I’ve lived forever.”



Describe “futility” in surround-sound, living-color, and with a capital “F”:  the taking of myths as factual, historical adventures, and of allegorical narratives as descriptions of actual places to “go.”



Anything done by the ordinary |
is proof of their ordinariness.



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The Undescribed Job

All things are simple and separate, except that they reside in a complex, correlated reality.



Trying to find something worthwhile to do with the mind is the undescribed job everyone is born into.



The frontiers of an individual’s consciousness are normally whatever the boundaries of the collective’s are.  A man in hunger for a desperate hobby heard that, nodded, but then declared, “Screw the speed limits, driver – full throttle ahead!”



Truth is life will let you get by with a lot – as long as there’s just one of you. 
Say, is there just one of you? – There is of a conscious man.



Whenever this one man wanted to be more conscious – then thoughtful, he’d glance in the general direction of his head and softly croon, “Oh Vanessa, don’t you hear me calling you.”


 Fred CoxComment

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Out of My Way!

A Pundit:  A dwarf with a real loud voice.



Proverbial Wisdom Update:

Notes an observer: “God must especially love the ‘common man,’ because he made him so stupid.”



Remember, all of you drivers in the Poll Position, that “stupidity” is just a form of measurement supplied to you by local conditions for your – yes, your convenience in criticizing others.  Now, dammit, start your engines (if you’ve got one).



Sincerity by the ordinary is proof of their pretension.



In his striving for something extraordinary, one man said to his mind, “Out of my way!” to which it replied, “But I am the way.”



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Without the Filter of Words

Absent some exceptional preparation, all who experience an increase in consciousness take it, the first time around, to be some sort of religious reunion with god.  You might note that you normally never hear of any other description – this being because few ever taste it for a second time.



A man opines, “It seems to me that if a man is a mystic he shouldn’t say he is.”



The Collective Theme Song of Man
(as secretly composed by life):

Average is normal,
Normal is average,
Be weird on your own time!



“For Thousands of Years” Lesson And Quiz:

For thousands of years men have been saying that, “You are what you think” – and no one still understands what it means.



To see without the filter of words is to be finally conscious beyond the mere world of the mind.




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