Is This Seat Taken?

“What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?”
 “A trained professional told me I was dying.”
“That is funny.”

You know why everybody hates lions?  ’Cause when they’re just laying out in the grass, doin’ nuthin’, if you talk to them, and try to get them interested in going somewhere, or doing something you describe – they’ll ignore you!  They’ll look right past you like you don’t even exist.  (Damn, that’s irritating!)

You know why everyone loves folk music?  ‘Cause it’s always songs about ramblin’; ‘bout goin’ somewhere…and  doin’ sumthin’.  (Damn, that’s sweet!)

Everyone is born on a space ship, whose flight seems beyond anyone’s control.  Most just sit back and accept the trip as it unfolds.  Oh, they will complain, and criticize the amenities, but they are not stupid enough to attempt mutiny. 

There are a tiny few on board, however, who are born with a view of the situation that differs substantially from the majority’s.  They are incapable of accepting the journey as ’twould seem everyone’s fate.  Oh, they obviously must accept the physical realities of the captive voyage,  (including man’s inherent bitching thereabout), where they differ is in their desire to comprehend the situation.  (Is this seat taken?)


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