Lions Gotta Lay!

Birds know what they are doing, but because of the unannounced comic book nature of the space flight, they appear to most passengers, not to.  The few, (privately struggling in their seat – if they succeed), come to finally see the situation for what it is: 

Lions gotta lay – Birds gotta fly.

What’s the difference between a lion, a dead man, and an enlightened one?
Neither of ‘em flinch – if you kick ‘em mentally.

One day a passenger stood and said, “The way I see it is that we have a choice. Either believe that we can change the direction of the ship to our liking, or face the fact that we cannot, and stop worrying about it.”

Those, who catch-on to what’s going-on, exercise a third prerogative.  They neither believe that the direction can be affected, nor do they believe it cannot.  A sentiment worthy of a lion who finally coughed up a parrotball.                            
The cute thing about all teachings is that the teaching goes one way, and the ship another.


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