The Weird Made Mundane


A person who tells others that he is trying to awaken – is not, and will never succeed in doing so.
Anyone who identifies their self as a pursuer of this-or-that mystical path is pursuing nothing but self-aggrandizement (which, if you don’t have a self, is understandable).

There is a secret, hidden truth that you must know for your efforts to ever pay off – and everyone knows what it is, they just don’t realize that they know.  Thus, the ancient and honorable metaphysical efforts to melt-away-the-fat  and  highlight-the-marrow.

Only the heroic would say: 
“It goes against my grain to repeat a tale already told.”  The common man (on the other hand), therein relishes!  Without it, in fact, what would he have to say while the truly intrepid to themselves note:  “To host a thought already thunk, shames me same as though I’s drunk.”
 One man says, “At one time my idea of paradise was of no one ever saying anything to me again.  Now I have that narrowed down to a single person, I-have-in-mind, (so to speak).”

Trying to achieve in the mind the thing called awakening, is like a man with no feet
wanting to kick himself in the ankle.

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