Hobson’s Hippocampusial Hernia

(Hobson’s hippocampusial hernia):

If constant noise will keep away undesirable spirits, then what is the voice of consciousness keeping at bay?  Either, no one wants to answer that question because they can’t OR,  no one can because they don’t want to.             

Trying to stop an action requires that you take action: thus it never ends.

If (as some have claimed), acting is the lowest of the arts, then that makes, “acting-like-a-human-who-knows” – WHAT?!

The thoughts of ordinary men no more deserve to be condemned than they do to be honored, or even noticed.  You should treat the words of men no more seriously than you do the song of a bird or the squeak of a wheel.
Legalese Update:

An “Act of God” is anything that a man whose house has a weak foundation would not enjoy.
(Wonder what the underpinnings of your mind would say about this…assuming of course that it has any.  Ooops!)   Once a man knows what distinguishes him then from ordinary men is, 
(in a word), background – he has none.

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