The Finishing Touch

To be normal you must be dissatisfied with the circumstances of your life.  To not be, identifies you as retrograde and relegates you to the, “you-just-don’t-understand-the-problem” pile, while to be sane you must be dissatisfied with yourself, and any who would profess not to be, are suspected of insanity.

By the time a child’s consciousness has made him verbally facile, he has an awareness of being in an eternally-unfinished-world.  He feels a relentless pressure to step in and help complete the job, and while there is no shortage of opinions as to how this can be accomplished – no efforts arising therefrom ever get the job done.

                 THAT is the nature AND purpose of the feeling (to wit):
                 THE FAILURE TO SUCCEED.

Few are the minds that life ever let leave the factory that can comprehend this.  What men are normally supposed to do is unceasingly struggle-to and speak-of the need to complete the many areas in human existence wherein things are obviously unfinished.  “And if man does not do it – who will?!”  But the real question for the one-in-a- million individual is, “Will it be noticed if I quit running fool’s errands?” 

  The finishing-touch to a woke-up man’s life is that he finally realizes that he IS finished.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was our last song for the night. Me and Miles, Monk and Max (with Basho sittin’ in on bass), have really enjoyed playing for you. Drive home safe, and we’ll see you again real soon. Good night,” and BAM – it was all over – finished.

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