The Student of Apnu

An Apnu seeker should view his body as a hindrance to achieving the goal, and physical existence itself, a temporary annoyance.

The student of Apnu should find a hero of whom to dream and who he can quote for protection. The novice must constantly study the words of past wise ones and engage in whatever physical rituals suit his fancy.

Above all, those who strive for Apnu must give themselves up totally to an activity that teaches its achievement, and which is systematized, organized, consistent, and with an historical lineage.

An Apnu scout is: loyal, trustworthy, dishonest and deceitful, and will gladly stab his own self in the back. He will lay flowers on a grave. or piss on the corpse, whichever is appropriate at the time.  In times of hardship, fasting, suffering and prayer, you may look.

Apnu awareness cannot be purchased; it cannot be given or taught.
Apnu consciousness can just barely be accepted when it does become available.

It is not what any student originally thinks that it is, but then again, it’s not really that far from it. Having it finally start up in your brain will make you smile; it’ll make you get up and walk outside so that you’ll have more room to smile.


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