The Apnu Directive

Once certain areas of your brain begin to use the new Apnu neurotransmitters, you become hard as nails, and your heart the pneumatic driver.  The ship becomes steel; the cargo, cotton candy.

The whole world disappears, its absence taken up fully by the universe.  All your possessions are lost, and for the first time, your home is filled with real art.  No one ever comes to see you – you’re invisible.  Even the old mirror you for so long clung to, just grins at you from the dust bin.

Only those who fulfill all the requirements and graduate from here understand that there is no such thing as Apnu; even though you spent decades of exhilarating years engaged in its study, and practice.  It, in truth, has nothing to study, and naught to practice.  All that the mind ever has to study that does not come out of the ground are symbolic things that it made up to study, and all that a man can practice that has any significance whatsoever is to simply live.

There it is: that is Apnu; the direct recognition of all that is nothing, and living – which is something.  Of course, add to that the indescribable grinning-under-the-covers that comes from discovering all of this.

 “Singular, HAILS to you – oh mighty Apnu.”


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