The Apnu Perspective

Apnu is the harmless, yet deadly enemy of all kings, critics, and kickers-of-dogs, and the most fortified kingdoms cannot withstand his slightest glance.

Apnu consciousness destroys all that it touches, yet leaves unscarred all that seeks not to be touched.  Tyrants are slain; crying children comforted – then both, immediately forgotten. 

An Apnu mind does not honor man’s past, and has no interest in what ordinary men believe will be his future.  In the full bloom of Apnu, a person has no family, no king, no culture, no allegiances but to life…and to Apnu…which he has forgotten ever existed.

To achieve Apnu a person must not deny himself anything.  He especially must consume as many thoughts as is possible.  He should never sit still, and should be out constantly among people who have no interest in Apnu.

In pursuit of the Apnu perspective, a man should never be silent, but must always comment on any subject being discussed. 


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