The Handbook of APNU

The following is from fragments of apparently quite ancient leather scrolls, reportedly found in the mountains of Beskakistan.  Seemingly it is parts of a handbook of a school that was dedicated to producing in the human brain an ability to manipulate the symbols common-to, and necessary-for consciousness in a manner uncommon to humanity at large.  They called this talent, “Apnu.”

The purpose of Apnu is to hurt people, and break their belongings.  The aim of Apnu is to make the poor, poorer, and the rich, richer; to humiliate the fearful, and set the aggressive on fire.  Apnu’s intention is to increase the tension caused by men’s conflicting beliefs and opinions. The ultimate result of attaining Apnu is the complete laying waste of the landscape, and total destruction of all that man has achieved.

A man of Apnu is not sympathetic in any way to the ordinary human condition and will not, even for a moment, allow to dwell in his mind any of the problems other people say they suffer.

He of Apnu view has no regard for the powerful, nor any respect for the submissive; men of knowledge mean nothing, and those of ignorance, even less. Those who realize Apnu, hate not; dislike not; they dispute not, and disagree not with other men because they think not of them.

With a mind guided by Apnu, a man neither looks up nor down; neither does he weigh and measure, and when others say, “Look over here,” be assured that he does not, nor does he allow any to know that he does not.


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