Even a Rebel is Orthodox

In that being orthodox is in having, “A conventional attitude toward the sanctioned belief system,” and the all-encompassing belief that the orthodox ideas supplied automatically to your mind are the only correct ones. 

Indeed, the-cry-of-The-Orthodox: 
Thoughts Know BestYOUR thoughts…the ones you are having right now…the ones you have always had.  These are the thoughts, whatever they are, that Know Best!”

You couldn’t be a rebel if you tried – it is a talent that must be learnt.  Its realization is blocked by your present pitiful attempts at rebellion, (which are nothing more than meaningless, mechanical manifestations of your innate sore-headedness calling itself intellectual-rebellion).

Even a rebel is orthodox.  You can never NOT be orthodox (and confused), without you walk off the playing field of orthodoxy altogether.   As long as you will “spiritually” struggle, the struggle has got you.  As long as you denounce the devil, you are his; as long as you deny god, you are not your own person; as long as you decry the stupidity of man, and yourself, you will remain blind to what is obvious.

To be orthodox-in-your-mind is to be sane and normal.  To take, OR reject, the Approved Ideology, (whatever it is), to be the expositional and final word on matters, is to assure yourself of a continued, non-exertive state of walking-slumber and distraction.

What the few hunger for is not the overthrow of orthodoxy, but release from their head’s pointless captivation thereby.  A man who knows what is going on does not fight meaningless battles.  A man who knows what is going on fights no battles – they are ALL meaningless. 

You fight your shadow,
the only relief is to 
step into the light, 
and thus stop the fight.


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