Beliefs and Opinions

When men deviate from prescribed orthodox behavior they are punished by their peers, via such methods as imprisonment and even execution; whereas there ARE no punishments for straying from The Approved Doctrine.  Why, because no one strays!  The Approved Doctrine blankets and embraces all.  Everybody is orthodox.

Again, standard thought will disagree, and point to people who do express ideas that are in opposition to the prevailing ones of the time and place.  Opposition to any particular idea simply offers continued support for belief in substance to its existence.  The idea of god is not harmed by ideas that hammer it.  Bach is not denied by cries that it is a good thing Mahler was not alive contemporaneously.

A public relations axiom is that it does not matter what is said about you, as long as your name is spelled correctly, which coincidentally pinpoints precisely the manner in which men unnoticingly, continually affirm their orthodoxy.  They always spell God’s, Marx’s and Mozart’s name correctly, whether they be expressing support or otherwise.

In that being orthodox is being, “Correct in your belief, or opinion,” note that on the sensual side of man’s existence he has no beliefs, or opinions.  No one “believes” that water will cure thirst. Men instinctively know this, and it is never debated, and men do not hold “opinions” regarding whether or not it is good to consume food, or stay out of the rain, or have sex, etc. Men only have beliefs and opinions in the non-sensual, spiritual area of their lives, and therein, you are orthodox if you have any.  It does not matter what the beliefs or opinions ARE; all that matters is that you HAVE them.   If you have any – you are orthodox.


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