Everyone is Orthodox

Everyone is orthodox – believer, atheist, agnostic – all are orthodox.

There is a dogma that all humans follow, and each man has a personal spiritual advisor to whom he listens, (“spiritual” here as opposed to sensual).

Everyone is orthodox in that they:
“Conform to an Approved form of a doctrine, philosophy, or ideology and are conventional in the attitude toward a sanctioned belief system.”  This is: man-the-ordinary, man-the-routine, man-the-sane-and-acceptable, a species which a few of its members finds to live too near a state that too closely resembles hypnosis (an ideal condition, by the way, for orthodoxy).

Although men can vary greatly in their physical behavior, they cannot in their non-sensual beliefs.  From ordinary views they certainly may appear to, as one man professes his allegiance to Ideology P, and another, his to Ideology Q, but they are, nonetheless, both orthodox, and solid supporters of The Approved Doctrine.

He who insists that god’s name is Jehovah, is no different than he who calls him Allah, and not distinct from either is he who denies that there is no god.  They are all orthodox. (Same in other intangible fields, such as in politics: Liberals, Conservatives, and Anarchists; and in art: Modernists, Traditionalists, and Avant Garde; and in music: Classical, Contemporary, and Experimental), etc.


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