The Chauvinist in Your Head

You will never see what is going on as long as you blithely accept the Chauvinist in your head continually pointing in this-or-that direction, and saying that he is talking about this-or-that matter when in fact, if the matter is not clearly a physical one, he is pointing-to and talking-about himself.

He is not patriotic, religious, or dedicated a whit to any organization, or activity he may name, since any he can name can only be ones that he, or one of  his counterparts in the other 6 billion countries made up for such purposes:  to get you to give your approval to him – WHILST believing you are offering it elsewhere.

 Hey, a chauvinist has to look out for himself – after all, he is alone in this universe, and with responsibilities unknown to any but him.

Give him the respect and approval he deserves but no more, and you’ll be enlightened.


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