The Internal Chauvinist

Take a deeper look at what is going on:  all religions preach humility, so their spokesmen cannot overtly court personal adoration from their audiences as can secular performers.  Thus it is that they lead their listeners in physical displays of shouts and applause as a demonstration of their love for a non-physical entity, (God), but him not being visibly present, his representative reaps, and bathes in the aal pproval.

Exact replicas of this scene are played out relentlessly in various venues throughout the physical world.  Men speaking on behalf of this-or-that activity are the unidentified recipients of the good will the listeners express at the mention of the activity’s name.  It is full blown chauvinism at its best; blind, slavish devotion; Pavlov behind the curtain first posing as a patriot, then a monk, then a Mets fan Oz.  The never-conscious axiom being:  ”It’s best to get the crowd’s approval indirectly; make ‘em think that they’re cheering for something outside of you that you point to, but then when it happens – it all comes to you.”

Every country is controlled by a chauvinist, and every man is a country, and each man’s personal chauvinist performs exactly as those above described in external terms.  Your internal chauvinist keeps up an endless line of mostly meaningless stage-chatter, continually asking your internal audience if they are from New York, are Catholic, Italian, Republican or punk-rocker.  The motor-mouthed chauvinist asks never ending questions in subtle search for approval – not for the “thing” that he mentions – but approval for HIMSELF!  And he always gets it!

And you know why?  Because all of the things for which he solicits your approval are things that he entirely made-up!  So when he says: “Don’t we all loveeee Doebeekechia,” and every voice of your inner audience roars back the predictable: “YESSSSS!!”  The source of the solicitation alone receives the approval since you know that there is no such thing, or person as, Doebeekechia.  It is just something the chauvinist made up.

Such unrealized activities keep man’s everyday external world rolling; they also fuel his inner, mental one.


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