No Man Is An Island, No Island Is A Nation

Every country is controlled by a verbose chauvinist; one with a skewed loyalty, and a master of misdirection.


“What a great day to be here in L.A.  Is this west coast weather happenin’, or what?!” 
(And the audience hoots its approval.)


“It’s so great to be a child of God.  Let’s give the Lord a hand!”
(And the crowd applauds its approval.)


“And in conclusion just let me say, long may Moritovia reign!”
(And the populace roars its approval.

Three chauvinists in the finest tradition, leading their listeners to believe they are giving their approval to: climatic conditions, a deity, and a nation, when in the matter-of-what-actually-occurs, it falls on the speaker.  This seems a harmless enough sport, and even if it was noted to an audience member that when the performer on stage asks: “Was anyone here ever in the Navy?” and people applaud and shout out positively, they are, in essence, giving their approval to the performer, not to a branch of the armed services.  The attendee would probably dismiss the observation as irrelevant to their enjoyment of the affair since their mere physical presence there evidences in advance their affection for the performer.


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