A sign that you are normal and confused is that you have something to say about everything, yet most of what the mind has to say has no point and never goes anywhere. 

Although it may not be said in such words, at the heart of men’s non-physical complaints with one another is the fact that once a speaker has established the subject, he never seems to get-to-the-point; his conversation never goes-anywhere

While the talking part of man’s brain can certainly hold its attention on specific matters with known goals, in the physical realm, (medical research at the cellular level), when it comes to the intangibles that fill up most of men’s conversations, (“Me; what I think: what I like; what I dislike: who I agree with,” and so on), there is no such certainty of purpose.  The conversations just ARE; there is no aim to the verbal activity other than the action of the activity itself. (Collectively it does serve the specific purpose of acting as a social adhesive, but our instant interest is on the individual.)


Men apparently find fault with other men’s words and ideas on the basis of their content, but their criticism is based on something more fundamental, and normally unnoticed, (or at least, un-commented on).  The fact that what men’s minds say, never goes-anywhere; never gets-to-the-point, (whatever, (god knows), that might be??), and amidst it, no mind to what ordinarily makes note of the quite clear fact that there is no clear object to what is being said, other than for the object of saying it. 

Before your own so-called thoughts leap to a premature concussion, note that as always, herein is naught amiss, in that when you talk about things that have no reality, there can be no point to what you’re talking about.  Well….except for the, (god forbid), obvious; that what is being talked about actually doesn’t exist. 


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