Everything Is You

There is no full describing of mind, in that it would require a running description of the process behind the describing, and no one can see the back of their own head.  (Waking-up is facing up to this fact.)

Give me passion or give me knowledge.  No wait, give me the steady sight of their union – and I’ll take it from there.

If a man’s natural born temperament is to beat-up-on-himself-in-his-mind; verbal recommendations “not to” are of little help.  Move the bubbling combat back to where it started;back to where it can once again belong – out of the mind.

 (“And rot in hell for all I care.”)
Yaz’zer!  Rot on, young troopers – rot on!
When you learn to look correctly inward, you realize there is no self there; and yet, there is nothing there but self.

Everything is you:
confusion is you;
understanding is you;
what you see is you;
what is hidden is you;
being asleep is you;
being awake is you.
Staying as you are is you and being different is also you. 
Everything is you; this is enlightenment, and discovery of the source.


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