There is No Point

The mental reality in which man lives, a major part of his life, is a necessity for the life he presently lives.  When he talks about this world, he is obliged to do so in a manner that treats it as having real substance, on par with, (and in some instances, superior to), physical reality.   As is easily noted by those so interested, men do not ordinarily make any acknowledgement of this verbal pretense in which, by necessity, they endlessly participate.


They spend the far greatest part of their speaking lives engaged in talking seriously about matters that are clearly irrelevant to them personally at best, and ridiculous to all concerned at worst.  They are compelled to do so with a straight face, while never letting on at all that the older, more survival-hip, non-verbal areas of their brain know another reality entirely.

People who somehow manage the unnatural feat of shifting the day-to-day core of their verbal based consciousness closer to these other areas, experience a sudden perspective of life, and themselves that is so extraordinary and explanatory as to be described in quite surprising terms, such as calling it:  “Awakening from an unrealized sleep.”  

If we lived on a planet with different atmospheric conditions, 
man could avail himself of the, 
whereby you continually interrupt whatever the mind is saying, and tell it: 

…And by the time it finally realizes that there IS no point –
it’s too late; you’re awake. 


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