The most pathetic and idiotic sound a human being can make, is to remark on features of life that they find to be “not right.”

Seeing what life is about is not in seeing what is right or what seems wrong about life, but in realizing the nature of such mortal, pseudo-seeing.

Even the most foolish of ordinary minds can explain life in a way that makes sense, but the sense life makes from all human descriptions is a sense that supports only itself.  All words prove only themselves, and all who give all of their hearing over to words, never get to the underlying sense of life – which is self-explanatory – and total in its doing so.

The vitality of a cow can never be understood from looking at its butchered parts.  Realizing what is going on fills you with such unity that your head is too complete to speak.

A  father said to a son:

“I do not know what, ‘knowing’ is, but I do know what, ‘NOT knowing’ is.”
“Which is?”
“Believing you know what knowing is.”


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