It’s All Hype

There is no promotion without self-promotion…oh yeah, and there is no self without promotion of self.

One guy’s motto was: “Other than for eatin’ and sleepin’, everything else is just theatrics any way.”

If you’re talkin’, you’re squawkin’;
if you’re speakin’, you’re squeakin’;
if you’re yackin’, you’re crackin’;
if you’re pipin’ up, you’re gripen’ up.

Ordinary mind cannot comment on life without nit picking it.

          Hark! Mighty phokneechins, save your pickin’ – see thru the nitin’.


All men are born butchers; born cutting up lions into lamb chops; forests into toothpicks; orchards into fruit salad; clear-channel-communication into AM radio.  It’s all hype; all news-talk-and-sports-entertainment – not actual news that only occurs when butchering is run in reverse.


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