Understanding the Game

Nothing that arises in the collective, gregarious instinct of man, that eventually finds its way into an individual’s thoughts, ever carries any actual, practical batting or pitching tips.  All they ever tell you is how to behave in the stands, and get along with the rest of the crowd.  Thoughts originating there never give any actual information about the game itself.  Yes, printed and verbally conveyed programs are continually provided which purport to explain the game, but as witnessed by five thousand years of score keeping, they satisfy no one.

These holy and not so holy programs can certainly entertain, and give spectators something to argue over.  To the few, still clutching their childhood dreams of actually being in the game of understanding-the-game, they offer nothing.

Okay, son, if you are really interested, here is the alternative ending to the common spring tale of once-upon-a-time, mental big leaguers:  Pay no attention to other men’s analysis of what takes place on the field.  Stop studying the programs, since those, who write them understand no more about the game than you do.  All-in-all, simply don’t get entangled in anything you hear said in the stands.  Most of what people say, they don’t mean seriously; it’s just them kiddin’ around, wantin’ to be friendly, and to pass the time.

Ease up on your unfounded tenseness toward other men’s irrelevant tomfoolery, and above all: learn to consistently slap yourself around in such a way as to one day cause you to suddenly realize, and remember forever, that the game is entirely in your head.  The self-discovery and abiding awareness of this one simplicity is your one way ticket to the big leagues; you will find it to be all of your sweet childhood dreams come true.

As the boy got up to leave, he asked his father one more question: “In conversations such as these, why do you always make it a point to say that there are only a ‘few’ who are interested in this matter, and refer to this interest as, ‘special’?”  And the elder replied:  “Oh, it’s just one of the harmless little things that make children feel good.” 


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