Those Oldies But Yuckies


On the oldies music circuit, an act called, The X-ers, (a vocal group from the ‘50’s), can be presented with plainly none of the original members present, and still be accepted by the audience, while a singles act from the same period, Bobby Y, cannot pull the same stunt; the solo artist must actually appear and perform. This physical reality is an external reflection of a certain intangible situation within each man’s mental booking agency.

The larger be the example of pretend-reality, the more readily will man’s mind pretend to accept it.  A fan’s view of the supra scene would be, “Yeah, I know that all the original members of The X-ers are dead, and that that’s not the real group, but hey…What the hell!  Just enjoy it.  They’re doin’ all the old songs just like off the records.”   But no such tolerance would be in attendance if, when Bobby Y’s name was announced, on stage walked a figure who everyone instantly recognized as an imposter, and the fact that he might be able to perfectly mimic the real Bobby’s hits, would not temper the audience’s rejection.

Men’s minds will accept what are clearly questionable notions concerning a forest under theoretical discussion, while refusing to believe such regarding an individual tree that is actually standing before it.  (Same as mind’s permissible hostile views of large, faceless groups of people vs. an individual from such a group with whom the mind is personally acquainted.)

The wider be spread the sham, 
the easier the hoax goes down.

Ponder: Why will men readily accept a group of clear impersonators pretending to be The X-ers, yet instantly reject a single performer presenting himself as ‘Bobby Y?  Why?  Better question still:  How is this pertinent to a man, getting-to-the-bottom-of-things?  The, “things” being the office of the agency that books all of these acts, and, oh yeah, something else you should note. The agency only books “oldie acts,” (in case you haven’t taken a peek inside your own head lately.)


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