Mental Big Leaguer

The few of the original few whose special interest is not completely wrung from them by the twists and turns of physical maturation usually, (by accident), stumble across the attempted autobiography of an earlier would-be, mental big leaguer, which they take to be a training manual. It is also common for such people to discover other, now, arm-chair athletes who have also become taken with the man and ideas in the discovered book. 

They form, or join, an existing society devoted to their erstwhile, spiritual kinsman, and here is where almost every childhood-dreamer of understanding-what-is-going-on, spends the rest of his days in activities that are in any way pertinent to his initial interest.  The organizations they either start, or join, no matter how un-mainstream and exotic they may verbally seem, are still bastions of conservatism.

Though they generally condemn religion as having strayed from its original esoteric goal, they share the same pew.  All groups gather together because of herd hormones, no matter what they say is their purpose.  They get together to be together physically, and if they happen to have some non-physical interest in common then so much the better, (like free beer at a funeral).

There obviously is nothing “wrong” with socializing.  Man is a socializing creature, but mere indulgence in his pack instincts will never lead to an understanding OF the instincts, or of the collective games played in the various, international non tangible leagues, (aka the sundry, cultural worlds of arts and ideas).

You see, the very instinct that makes men want to be together is also the primary source of the thoughts they have.  This accounts for the overall sameness of ideas prevalent in man. While naturally occurring, cultural subsections within the whole herd may disagree over god’s correct name, they all concur regarding his existence, and even those who deny the presence of the herd’s gods, by doing so are still reaffirming the importance of man’s mentally created, second reality.  (Atheists serve the real cause of religion as much as do mullahs.)


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