Who’s In Charge Here?

The man with the plane finally did run across some other fliers with similar feelings about the auto pilot, and they would get together in the bar at the air field and whine and bitch about it over beers.  They eventually referred to this as their, “Struggle to awaken.”


Every man has a companion, and getting him pacified is what awakening is all about. The way you accomplish that is by finally realizing that the companion is an illusion…well, you or him… one is.

First you see two; then three; then one – then it’s all done.

You only dislike being asleep at the moments when you catch yourself being so. 

The fact that the mind is even able to ask, “Who’s in charge here?” is proof that it isn’t and KNOWS it…now all we need is for you to.

Once men decided to make clocks run in a clockwise direction, so as to match the term bearing their name, everything after that was easy.


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