Only Puppets Are Truly Visible

In the land-of-man you can beat a wild horse ‘til you break every whip you have, and it will still remain a wild horse.  In the land-of-man the way to go about changing the nature of things is to change your refusal to face their nature – which comes from not facing your own.

In the land where none sleep save when weary, all creatures are simply themselves.  In the land where there is one who does doze while upright, all creatures are still just themselves – except as is contradicted in dreams.  The pink-eyed see everyone in red – though their actual colors are varied.  The pink-eyed never run across a creature with pink eyes…weird, huh?

A slick conspiracy would, (surreptitiously), promote publicly the idea of a conspiracy: the city hip would dismiss it.  (After all, if just anyone can know about it, how hip can it be?!)  The low-rent-dense would eat it up, believing that they had caught on to the scam thru their own wit.  The outcome would be that no one would then give any attention to the operation of the real conspiracy; thus everyone wins…especially the conspiracy.

True power is always behind the scenes; 
only puppets are ever visible.
  There is a thing that is not there that moves, and everywhere it goes, it casts shadows in front of itself, and only goes where it sees shadows.


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