Strengths and Conspiracies

There is a thing that is not here – thus it has no height, no width; no beginning, no end; takes up no space, and yet it holds the tallest structures in its hand; gives birth to, and slays all in its sight, and contains everything ever known to man.

The thing is curious about itself.  It attempts to scrutinize itself, but being that it is not here, what is there to scrutinize?  But does that stop it from trying?   No, and you might wonder how it could be so dumb as to try to study something, (itself), that is not there.  It seems to it that it IS studying itself, and it cannot be readily made to see otherwise.  (Believe it or not), this apparent flaw is in fact one of its great strengths.

Can you believe this?  Here we are, talking about the “strengths” of a thing that is not even here…or there…yeah, but it’s everywhere, EVERYWHERE

See…don’t you get it?  That’s how it gets by with all of this… It’s everywhere…it’s everything…everything known about the thing, to the thing.

A conspiracy can never be seen when it is the conspiracy that is providing sight.  Be advised that you are being snookered by a conspiracy – one that your mind will never find out – for it is the mind’s own conspiracy.


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