Has That Void Been Spoken For?

There is a thing that men want to see.  They do not realize that it is, in fact, sight that they want to see – they have a small problem.  Men suffer from an illness that cannot be cured, or can only be cured by its correct diagnosis – which almost everyone is too ill to do.

There is a knowledge that men wish to have – which only exists in their own mind, and no one ever thinks to look there.  Thus, it has acquired the title, “Secret knowledge”…funny, huh?!

There is a place that men dream of visiting – which is where they are now.  Few ever notice that and there thus remains: “A place that men dream of visiting.”

The thing that men seek is SO-O-O large that it is rare for anyone to ever see it.  It is, (after all), bigger than anyone’s eyes/I’s, (don’t you see?).

A shark once gained enlightenment, and just before disappearing, mumbled these three syllables: “H  – 2 – O.”


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