The Collective Mind

Many individuals do denounce the ideas and mythologies of their fellow men, but in routine cases the people involved understand nothing about what they are a part of.  They are simply outlets-for, and manifestations-of, life talking to itself about man by way of the collective mind.

A mind that condemns other minds has no understanding of mind, and is not an example OF an individual mind.  An individual mind is what the few long for, (whether they call it, “enlightenment, awakening, knowing-the-secret, or, higher consciousness,” they are in fact longing for an individual mind).

You can never understand what is going on using only your portion of the collective mind. It is the collective mind that is responsible for what is going on.  It is responsible for all of the foolishness and insanity that your mind says is endemic in other men’s ideas and words, but it is also responsible for making them think and say them, and for making you disfavor them, same as how it makes you think, and say the things you do, and then makes others fault you.

It is obvious, (as evidenced by its existence), that it is in collective mind’s best interest that individual men do not concern themselves with all this, or even be able to THINK about it, (without extraordinarily complex effort…which excludes most).  Ordinary, sane, educated, rational, sophisticated men who head governments, universities, armies, religions, and international corporations, do their thinking only by way of their individual connection to the collective mind.  Every thought that ever passes through their head, from the most complex to the most mundane, was fed to them automatically from the collective mind…and do note how well things have gone for man via this method.


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