Is This Thing Returnable?

Nothing makes sense until you realize that life itself is alive, and human life makes no sense until you realize the existence of the collective mind.  Individual humans do have individual minds.  Life has created a collective mind to which each person’s brain is connected, and from which they continually receive the thoughts that constitute what each man calls, “his mind.”

Mind is like a passive speaker in your brain that helplessly broadcasts whatever thoughts are sent to it by the collective mind.  Your own thoughts may recoil at this description, and argue with the terms, but it is clearly and demonstrably so, and no amount of denial can cover it over – for an eye that wants to see.

The collective mind is responsible for the consistency and continuity of human thought over thousands of years.  It is how diverse men seem to understand what one another say sufficiently to hold civilization together, when precise examination reveals that, by their own admission, they do not individually feel that they actually understand one another.

The collective mind is responsible for the welfare of man, collectively, and much of what it leads men to say and do; which, from an individual’s view, can seem nonsensical.  It can be seen as otherwise in the context of things that contribute to the overall wellbeing of the group.

The dreams and fairy tales so cherished by most of humanity serve a distinct usefulness FOR most of humanity.  Individuals, were they so inclined and permitted, and who consider such things from their individual perspective, might come to a different conclusion.

BTW, is this thing returnable?


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