Continually Exchanging Information

Not realizing the difference between information and entertainment assures confusion on all fronts.

At the molecular level, everything in the universe is continually exchanging information, but in man, certain activities of his nervous system do not appear to be for the purpose of gathering information, but seem to be merely stimulating and entertaining to his brain. (They still convey information, but for our present purpose we will pretend an otherwise distinction.)

Ranging from cosmic radiation to the food we eat, we chemically exchange survival pertinent information both with the external world, and our internal one.  The largest portion of the brain’s operations are devoted to the monitoring and controlling of our life at the cellular level, outside of conscious awareness.

Consciousness is sometimes directly engaged in survival related activity, which can always be distinguished by the concentration involved, as compared with the common random running of  day dreaming.  But even when consciousness is not so occupied, it continues to operate.  The consciousness of the brain no more shuts off at certain times than does the pumping of your heart.  Consciousness does not even cease when you are un-conscious in sleep. (The operation of consciousness is a constant in man.)

When consciousness does not have anything specific to do – it plays, it fidgets, it attempts to entertain itself – and does.  Ordinary people never think about this, much less question it.  It is unthinkingly accepted as the neural norm.


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