The Cause is The Cause

In truth: the desire has no tangible objective;
the desire is a throbbing arrow that has no target;
a thirst without a throat,
a need without a cause.

The cause IS the cause;
the desire is all there is;
the desire is its own goal,
the hunger is its own fulfillment.

Everyone is what they instinctively are, that is the truth about themselves.   Everyone’s mind wants them to be other than they instinctively are, and to attempt this, the mind must lie about what the person instinctively is.  With everyone else, this arrangement runs smoothly; culture continues to flourish; technology makes life increasingly comfortable, and the entertainment industries meet the needs of people with much free time to fill.   But, the normal market place responds not at all to the cravings of the splinter group.  A person, part of this faction, provides not only the desire, but must also provide its fulfillment as well.

There is no help coming – there is none available – none exists.  Those with the desire must invent its fulfillment; must create it, must construct it, must make it up, (which is to say):  they must come to realize the nature of this desire of a finger to touch its tip.

                                               Nothing else will ever do them.


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