Alterations and Improvements

Most people’s desire to be better manifests itself physically; they want to change the way they look, they want to be more attractive, (as defined by their mind – a definition that is determined by their body’s instinctive hormonal condition).  Dieting, the gym, cosmetic surgery, alcohol and daydreaming are all popular approaches to this goal.

Others feel the need to improve themselves in a way that does not seem directly connected to their physique.  They want to change the way they feel; they want a less disturbing emotional life, (as conceived of by their mind – a conception dictated by their instinctive hormonal balance).  Analysis, counseling, the church, alcohol and daydreaming are all favorites in this area.

A few other people’s desire to improve themselves shows up in the backyard of the very thing promoting the desire: they want to improve the way they think.  They want a more knowledgeable mind, (as such is pictured by their mind – a function of their brain, whose life depends on the body’s instinctive hormonal nourishment).  Reading, conversation, schooling, drugs and daydreaming are all commonly employed in this pursuit.

Thus are completely covered all forms of humans wanting to, “improve themselves”!  Well there is this teeny faction that was left out; a small number of people who are driven by a hunger to change that does not neatly fit any of the above, otherwise, all-inclusive categories.

Some of them may certainly desire a physical appearance different from the one they have, and a more pleasant emotional life, and an intellectual world with expanded boundaries and enriched contents – BUT, there is more.  Alterations in those three areas of their life and body leaves them still feeling that something is lacking, and the lack is not nearly so susceptible to verbal description as the above of body, mind and emotions.  This minute historical group is driven by a desire to improve themselves that can only be understood through an understanding of the desire itself.


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