Twixt Information and Entertainment

There are always a small number of people whose nervous system does not allow them to completely ignore the situation.  It bothers them, it annoys them; they think about it much, and question it extensively, undertake to understand its components, and to ultimately – do-something-about-it! (The “something” being vague, but the desire to do it – not.)

Most of this minority are early-on drawn into impertinent areas, ideas, and activities.  Few of the few ever clearly realize that, in fact, it is the unfocused running of their own consciousness that is the source of what troubles them.  Even those who do realize, usually then fall prey to believing that any cure for their complaint with their consciousness lies OUTSIDE OF their own consciousness.

”After all,” (might say a mind – if it ever pondered the matter), “if a sick patient could cure himself – he wouldn’t be sick; or if an uninformed person could instruct himself, he wouldn’t be uninformed.”   This can certainly sound conclusive to a mind that doesn’t know how the mind works, but there is no information available about the mind – from any source.  Anything you ever hear said about the mind is entertainment –and that’s all it is.

It may be fascinating, captivating, and everything said may seem to perfectly, “fit-the-facts” about the mind.  Whatever the mind says can always fit any facts that it itself has made up, which is precisely all that is involved whenever the mind talks about itself.

The conscious activity of the brain that men call, “the mind,” does not analyze and talk about itself for any reasons having to do with survival related, information-gathering.  The only time it turns its attention on itself is when it has nothing else of any practical importance to do, and at such times all it is trying to do is entertain itself; pass the time in some harmless fashion.


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