The Choices: Their Arrangement

You do not need a telescope;
you can see to the edge of the universe with your own eyes.
All you need initially do is locate the true center of your own.


There are only two things for men to talk about – people, and things.  Maximum velocity in pursuing clear-vision is achieved by talking about man as though he were a thing.  This does not insult man, contraire, it frees him from undeserved criticism.

No one expects mathematics from alligators, nor poetry from possums, but men’s minds direct them to make demands of themselves that assure disappointment. Life has developed in man a brain that produces thoughts, which in sizable part are devoted to the condemnation of man:
both of others, and oneself.

The benefits of censuring certain behavior is clear, and direct enough, whereby the mind directs that men be held accountable for seeing to it that when agreed upon ideas to live by, (i.e., no rape, no thievery), come in conflict with instinctive physical desires, (wanna rape, wanna steal), the former will rule the latter.  Thus, social safety is maintained; but when reproof leaves the physical realm, the advantages are less certain and immediate.

How mankind may ultimately benefit from liberal denunciations of conservative ideas, is not to be concluded from its present execution.  The gains man collectively realizes via the condemnation of one idea by another, is too long range and non-local to be apparent to ordinary minds, no matter how they primly insist otherwise.  A man who says that a current ideological conflict is caused by this-or-that, is as deluded as one who predicts that it will eventually result in that-or-the-other.


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