True View from the Correct Direction

One man mused, “I only have one friend: my mirror.” 
And his mirror mused, “I only have one friend: reflection.” 
And reflection mused, “I only exist through the man looking for me.”  
And the man re-mused, “I only exist through looking for myself.” 
(Neither his stomach, nor other somatic organs joined in this conversation.)

When it is hot in Argentina it causes Canadians to shiver, with unhip ones believing this is due to local conditions.  On planets that plainly-see, there are no “local conditions,” (which is to say): no illusions of local conditions. 

In closed universes and boarded up rooms, far corners, (no matter how far from the imagined center), still do not qualify as places of “local conditions.”  Conditions are omnipresent, same as is conscious mind, and not realizing this confines a man’s ideas to dark, stifling corners of a small, closed-up, local room.

The mind can only produce ideas by operating as though it is restricted by invisible walls, which give a little over here, and push back a bit, over there.  The thoughts of a man who understands, resist nothing and accept nothing.  Only childish minds prefer Batman over the Penguin.

An efficient method to increase the odds of your finally finding the understanding, is to immediately cease giving any attention to anything your mind says in reaction to anything that anyone else says.  Begin right now, instead, to swallow whole, with no hesitation, thought or condition, every word that comes from the throat of humanity.  To an ordinary man, this sounds dangerous, but ordinary men have no serious clue as to what mind is.  The Penguin can never harm the Caped Crusader.  (Must the modifier, “actually,” be put before the word, “harm”?  Do only children read this?)


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