The One Great Question

“What is this?” No inquiry a man can make of himself surpasses this.  In comparison, all other questions are quackery.

Consciousness lives in the land with no name;
Mind, in The Confusion Capitol of The World. 

A man pondered: 
“Is thought analog, and reality digital, or thought digital, and reality analogue?”
Ask yourself: 
“Do you feel that your relationship to life is continuous, or discreet?
An ordinary man cannot answer this question, and one-who-knows can’t hear it asked.


Language: a load of locusts loosed on the land, (an array of alliterations allowed to attack an area).  Waste of staggering proportion occurs while a man mistakes being entertained for being enlightened. Conceptual brain talks a good game, but the wind is heard without words.


Ordinary men know ordinary things; an extraordinary man knows an extraordinary thing. The extraordinary thing includes all the ordinary things, but they do not include it.


At dear cost to you do you forget that the opposite of every enlightening deal, is itself enlightening. One of speech’s purposes is social; ordinary herds get greased thereby.  Certain strays don’t say much, they just wink and grin.  Remember, the great waste in allowing the mind to confuse its being entertained with it being pointed to a way out of confinement. 

…(and, “Moo” to you too.)

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