The affairs of the mind have their own specialized existence, and men of no exceptional mental agility ever suspect what it is about.  Allowing your mind to make you talk about people as though they are responsible for the activities of their mind, assures that you will never catch-on to what’s going-on concerning the mind.

From one view, you can say that mind does not exist, but even if it does, it should be thought of as a thing.  Remember, there are only two categories you can talk about, people and things, and while people are people, and operate as such, minds fall into the category of things.  If you get to the bottom of what this means, you will have a three ton derby removed from your head.

To be ordinary is to be melodramatic.
To be melodramatic is to be needlessly distracted,
and wasteful of energy in your brain
that could be used for a purpose you wouldn’t now believe.

Be a bottomless pit that swallows whole whatever comes your way, and you will discover that you have no personal, strangling tastes. 

Preferences are the imaginary illness robin conjures up to skip school on Mondays.  Get over that, and every day is Saturday.


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