The Unified Blur

What a man with the understanding understands has nothing to do with the “inevitable” any more than it does with the evitable.

Such a man’s hands are filled with matching weight; both his lobes are fed by the same voltage, and his inner earth and atmosphere are in natural harmony… just as they have always been….even before, during and after he finally became aware of it.

Man is whole: there is only a unified you in you.
You do not have an awake mind and a sleeping mind.
You do not have an enlightened consciousness and an everyday one.
And you do not have a separate internal earth, and atmosphere –
together, they constitute you, the total you, 
which consists of what-you-are, combined with what-you-think-you-are,
and thinking that things are otherwise is to be captive
of everyday consciousness, and a sleeping mind.

Why put up with this condition now that you know better? 

(Oh yeah, the illusion referred to in today’s headline is that of you, seeming to be the you that you think you are.)

To routine minds, the inner world is one of multiple and separate forces, but it only appears thus because your consciousness works so slowly that you do not see life to be the unified blur that it actually is.


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