The Big Inevitable

Here is how the matter pragmatically stands:

You cannot get results by working either on just your atmosphere, (what-you-think-you=are), nor just on your landscape (what-you-are).  As operationally improbable as that be anyway, you also cannot profitably attempt to change them both concurrently, since your mind does not have the capacity to calculate every possible reaction one of the two could have to every possible change in the other…plus men do not live long enough to even try every possible combination….plus you simply can’t do it.  It is not a job that can be literally accomplished from the-inside-out.

So, what is left?   To see the situation as it is in you – for yourself – and then wash your hands of any more futile efforts and meaningless concerns.

Every person is both: what-they-are, and: what-they-think-they-are, and to ordinary minds they are separate, and distinct…while in fact the two are inseparable, and endlessly interactive and the latter is totally beholden to the former.

You can’t change dirt, and you can’t alter your atmosphere without directions that could come only from your dirt.  Men paying homage to gods, is the second acknowledging the authority of the first. Who but an idiot kicks dirt to teach it a lesson, or curses the air to make it change course?

The Big Understanding = The Recognition of the Big Inevitable
(but not the “inevitable-word” spat out by the deranged,
nor the one whimpered by the mousy) 


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