What-You-Are and What-You-Think-You-Are

Internal to a man can be seen a strikingly similar situation to that between Earth and atmosphere. What-you-are and what-you-think-you-are seem different enough to be called by different names, but their relationship matches the major ones between Earth and air, supra described.

All routine people who say they are committed to “changing themselves” apply their attention predictably to their internal atmosphere.  That is, to the area of what they THINK they are; but no matter what is done there, and to even verbally acquiesce to the belief that anything therein ever gets actually, “done,” is herein merely a linguistic time-saver.

The truth of the matter, being easily obvious to a right-wired-man who takes the time to take objective note thereof,  (but never-some-less), even if a person could alter the makeup of their 
inner-atmosphere, this alone would not – COULD not –  result in anything beneficial, or permanent.  Just putzing around with the atmosphere alone will never change the nature of your internal weather.  Any moron can recognize this, (if any moron wants to), but such is precisely what all systems for getting-the-understanding are about, (including the one you’re gradually formulating for yourself).

You can effect no useful, controllable change in your internal weather and overall planetary conditions by trying solely to alter the terrain of your cellular planet, (via drugs, starvation, 
sleep deprivation, or other folly).  Even if you externally level a particular mountain, any change in the weather that may occur will be confined to that specific locale, and will by no means be predictable, permanent, worldwide, or advisable.

But still, the salient point is that even if you could directly alter the condition of either your internal landscape, or your atmosphere, doing so with one, (which would consume a lifetime), 
would have no overall, desirable consequence.  Trying to do so with both simultaneously is not only beyond mortal ability, but is outside your mental talent to even operationally conceive.  Even if you could undertake and sustain such a two pronged effort with each alteration you made to one, (the land), you would have to immediately make some unknown appropriately related one to the other, (the atmosphere), and vice versa.


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