More re:  You consist of: WHAT-YOU-ARE, concurrently combined with

What-you-are equals; how-you-feel, and what-you-think-you-are equals; how-you-think.  The ramification of this being that you can know something to be so, but feel so yucky that the knowledge is rendered momentarily irrelevant.  Thus, for the few, the practical result is: you can know enough to BE awake, yet because of how you feel, not be able to make use of what you know.

Shocking but true, shocking but not true,
true but not shocking, true but not true,
(and, as always):
neither here nor there for a grizzly bear.

Everyone is comprised of what-they-are, and what-they-think-they-are.  What you are is evidenced primarily in your health, gait, and temperament, and, from ordinary minds’ views is totally genetic and inalterable, while what-you-think-you-are is, by common conclusion, post natally acquired inclinations that are purely experientially based, and therefore malleable.

To routine minds, this picture is satisfying, and makes all the pieces fit.  But it is just attractive bullshit; a schematic for an ESP driven, brick dirigible.


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