The Puppet Regime

There is an unseen puppet government under whose influence, to an imposing extent, man unwittingly lives.  Like any political puppet force, this one serves under the command of another more dominant force, and acts solely for its benefit.  As in palpable versions, the puppet government IS titularly the true representative of the local populace.

A preeminent force establishes a puppet government to make its rule less dependent on physical coercion.  This is most efficiently achieved by allowing the puppet regime to present the public illusion of it being the actual authority in charge – and this is a complete deception from conception to conclusion.

The puppet administration, in pursuing this goal, en passant creates around the people a world of total illusion.  In practical matter of fact, it spreads about the land a new sense of reality, through contrived rituals and public ceremonies; by imposed hero worship of some local figurehead, and via relentless propaganda which subliminally serves the interest of the real authority behind the puppet one, ultimately resulting in a: “state established, state sanctioned reality.”

(Just out of curiosity: what specifically is your state and what exactly, 
is the nature of its officially accepted reality?)


All of the above is common, and recognized in the political history of man.  What is not recognized is a similar ongoing situation in man himself, with the puppet regime titularly in charge and engaging in the very same maneuvers noted.


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